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Winter Night Overture - 1995 - 1996 (1998)

Winter Night Overture - 1995 - 1996 compilation tape 1998
Revelation of Blasphemy demo 1995
1) Among the Graves
2) Revelation of Blasphemy
3) Alone Forever
4) Terminate the Christianity
Incarnated in the Flame demo 1996
5) Intro: The Gates
6) Abysmal Winter Sky
7) The Endless Inner Darkness
8) Alone Forever
9) Terminate the Christianity
10) Destruction of Reality
11) Incarnated in the Flame
12) Diluted in Blackness
13) Outro: Twilight Of Soul


Kind of a double feature today, this is a compilation of Estonian black metal band Winter Night Overture's first two demos on one tape. Not a bootleg thingy, they dubbed this to people late 1997/early 1998, before the release of "Weapon Against the God", my tape had an advance version of it on side B but that's not included here. Cover scan is included... the cover sheet had a band collage on the other side which I forgot to include in the folder so it's here in case you wanted that too.

The first four tracks are demo I "Revelation of Blasphemy" and have a raw & crispy sound, almost rehearsal tape-like. It's not bad at all, sounds cold and appropriate enough. The third track "Alone Forever" is melodic and moodier than the rest, almost like depressive black metal (!) while the others have a more hostile feeling rather than melancholic. Vocals are almost hysteric screams and musicianship... passable. The rest of the tracks are demo II "Incarnated in the Flame" which has a more processed and even sound quality, the vocals and high end in general are less dominant. Two tracks from the first demo are re-recorded, the rest are new ones. Most of the tracks are quite short, the whole demo of intro, seven tracks and outro having a playtime of about 23 minutes. A session musician provides some synths which are used sparingly, mostly for a positive effect. This is pretty good stuff. Standout tracks would be "Alone Forever", the title track and let's say "Abysmal Winter Sky" for third, which now that I think about it reminds me of some Marduk track whose name I can't quite recall. The last real track stands out as well, having both more variation and length. Recommended to check out if you have an interest in Baltic bands and 90's black metal in general.

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