torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2016

Bazzah - Kingdom of the Dead (1998)

Bazzah - Kingdom of the Dead cassette album 1998
1) Abyss
2) Unseen Forces
3) New Dawn
4) Bazzah
5) Dark Contagion
6) A Golden Mortuary Veil
7) The Retribution
8) Necromancer
9) I'm Possessed
10) Demon in my Blood
11) Mourning Song

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...Unlight wind's blows through the Northern sorrowforest while gravebell's chimes the return of the Masters Coven... Rejoice, congregation, for today we have ended yet another unexpected hiatus and resume the unearthing of mysterious artifacts and unsightly cadavers. Without further unnecessary banter and boasting, here is Bazzah from Malaysia and their second album from 1998 released on tape format by Ultra Hingax Production, very very good rip courtesy of master Fenrirsson. Thank you! You might wonder why the hell are we uploading an album, one that was re-released a few years ago (ok, it was 2004 so maybe not really "few") on CD to boot? Because that version is a re-recorded and titled version, this original being less overbearing soundwise. Unfortunately no proper cover scan, we employ once again Metal Archives' tiny imagery along with an unsatisfying photo I picked up from Discogs (see below).

This is a compact album with a running time of slightly less than half an hour which is a good dose for this sort of black metal. If you're not familiar with Bazzah, I'd say it's very active, almost but not quite bestial black metal with a certain aura of mysticism about it. Think something like a mixture of Beherit, Demoncy, something old from Greece and just a dash of another ingredient which I had in mind before I went to the toilet and apparently left there. Whispery sort of vocals, bouncy bass lines, constant sense of motion and repetition, guitars soloing along and off the path... bah, enough words, it's awesome and you should download it. Next item will either be a repost or something unusual, I'll try to make up my mind ASAP.

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pagan kirjoitti...

Welcome back! Now we can enjoy more obscure music :D

GREV kirjoitti...

Hails Brother of Metal and welcome back! :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thank you gentlemen, it was about time to get back to business!

Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

Welcome back!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks, I see you took a little time-out too. Decided against the repost for now and will go with other stuff.