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Aufgabe - The Crusaders demo 1995

Aufgabe - The Crusaders demo 1995
1) Intro...
2) Dark Inquisition
3) Decapitation of Emperor-Shame!
4) Final Combat in Black Forest
5) Return After War
6) Outro... - The Pain of Glory - ...

Yandex / RGhost

Back to the poll results and a bit later than intended, pardon my absence. We do not travel that far from our previous stop Brazil, just to the northern continent and USA; Chicago, Illinois to be more precise for the delight of our stately readers. This is Aufgabe and what appears to be their only release, 1995 demo recording. It should be also noted that brother LKS and I are bringing this to the congregation at great personal risk as the cover states: This is not copyright, but if you will try to copy this material without our permission, we will find you, and crush you! They must've had their hands full with tape traders back in the day! Anyways, LKS ripped and scanned (caution: the cover scans are massive) and I divided into tracks and uploaded here. You download, listen.

This is warlike and chaotic stuff, a messy and hideous affair. Meant as a positive statement. Not really in the nowadays trendy bestial style, this sounds more archaic than that. Closer to Bestial Summoning than, uh, Revenge? They're popular right? Samples from film(s - I suppose?) serve as intros and interludes while the metal parts are furious and chaotic for most of the time. Vocals are somewhere between degenerate black metal vocals and punk vomits. Exception to the general form is the fifth track Return After War which really breaks the formula and is also the most interesting one for me. Not an auto recommendation this one but worth checking out especially if you are into warlike and/or primitive, ugly black metal. Next post will be something more flowery I suppose. A sunlit meadow under clear, calm blue skies sort of scenery maybe? Or perhaps a trip to the Netherlands after all?

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Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

are you still with us? :)

GREV kirjoitti...


Thanks for this one... I've been busy, but where's our master Velkaarn. I wonder?

I'll hope that all is well


Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Gentlemen, I appreciate your concern for my sudden absence but there is no need to worry. The Coven has withdrawn to seclusion for a short while in order to re-emerge at an appropriate time anew.

GREV kirjoitti...


Good to know that everything is ok. I've lost few friends in the last month and that's why I'm "so scary" :D

Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

Glad to hear you're well!