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Нова генерация - Отвъд смъртта (1992)

Нова генерация - Отвъд смъртта cassette album 1992
1) Йон и ана
2) На прага
3) Последната вълна
4) Момиче без спомени
5) Градината на света
6) Обичам
7) Берлин
8) Част от колекция
9) Отплуване
10) Сто години
11) Яйцето
12) Отвъд смъртта


No repost so let's do something slightly more unusual again. Roughly a year ago I posted the '92 tape album by the Bulgarian Violetov General aka Виолетов генерал as seen here. Well, apparently today is the not-very-near future referred to in that entry for I decided to post another cassette album from the same year, also from a new / cold / dark wave (don't look at me, I copied that from Wikipedia!) band hailing from Bulgaria, Нова генерация alternatively known as Nova Generacia or even New Generation. Apparently they're a cult band in their own country, possibly elsewhere too, can't really say since I'm not at all well versed in this scene. Cover images borrowed from Discogs and rip from a dub I got years ago tape trading.

Ok, it must be said right away the dub is shitty, there's annoying disturbancy noise in it, very apparent in the first intro track already. For a while I wondered if it could be some sort of really, really stupid effect added to the music but that can't be. The sound would be otherwise fine so that's extra bothersome. If you happen to have a better rip I'd be happy to have it. Music is the usual wave stuff to be honest, with lyrics in Bulgarian which adds value to me since if I don't understand them, their quality can't bother me. The album title translates as "Beyond Death" so I assume it would be gloomy enough. Due the bad dub (I hate tapes, have I remembered to mention this?) not an optimal listen at all, but since I had ripped the damned thing I wanted to post it and perhaps spark someone's curiosity to find more about them. Not to mention possibly gain a better version for myself! Older material also welcome.

I better make the next post proper again.

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Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

I can't for the life of me work out which split you refer to on the other post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Call of the Wolves / Hagall re-release. Oh man, I can't believe I forgot to add a title to this one! :D Looks like I'm out of practise.

Emptiness Cycle kirjoitti...

Oh, haha. Yeah I'm surprised he's not DMCA'd me yet. Btw, some dungeon synth stuff is up much to your liking, and if you get some time, please email me. We talked before about trading things better suited to each other's blogs :)