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Bonehill Blues - Risin' Thunder demo '92

Bonehill Blues - Risin' Thunder demo I 1992
1) Son of a Gun
2) In My Heart
3) Born to Raise a Hell
4) Risin' Thunder

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And now, something completely different. Very much so and way outside our usual line of Necromancy, I've exhumed a bit more personal skeleton from the tombs. No, it's not my old band, not THAT personal. It was my schoolmates' band and I felt this sort of stuff kinda fits summer don't you think? Bunch of kids playing a (slightly confusing/-sed) mess mixture of hard rock, grunge (hell forbid!), alternative and other influences, generally falling under the rock umbrella. This was their first demo tape recorded in the late fall/early winter of 1992. I don't remember when exactly but the date on my dub says 20.11.92 and I think I got it pretty soon after it was finished. See below for a scan. There wasn't a real cover for the demo either, just a pencil doodle my younger self did on a notepad. The image above is a slightly cropped and edited version I whipped up to decorate the post. Just had to use Comic Sans for the text.

Whoa! It's a TDK, amazing! So kvlt.
Four tracks of... ugh, let's call it hard rock for now, I suppose? First one is an uptempo affair, second almost falls to ballad/slow song department and is the longest of the litter, third one is more uptempo again and actually reminds me a touch of old Alice Cooper (the band era-old) stuff, at least in the beginning, the chorus is more 90's... I'm actually thinking Rolling Stones too now when the verse kicked in again. Rock music is really not my expertise I suppose. As for the title track, first thing that comes to mind is AC/DC meets CCR. Sound is pretty good, all instruments easily audible. Playing is on the expected level. Cool vocals. There's some tape wear which is unfortunate but can't be helped. I had a tape somewhere with a full live gig which I can't seem to be able to locate. Haven't actually seen it for a long time, wonder if I've loaned it to someone... That's enough for now, next time we'll welter in nostalgy, obviously, but probably with something more in line with the Coven's usual focus.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Links isn't working... :(

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hmm, yeah RGhost seems to give an alert on Firefox. Mega works fine for me, I'll replace RG with something more agreeable.

GREV kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn. Seems that chrome have a bad day. I'll try to DL through opera and it works fine :)

GREV kirjoitti...


Now it's done and demo downloaded.

First thing what comes my mind is Southern rock. There's little "Southern-vibes" here and here. I'll enjoy this demo, although it's softer than other post on mighty Coven.

Thank you!

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Yes the echoes of Alice Cooper are apparent. Track 4 (title track) sounds like "1969"-era Stooges to me. In fact I hear shades of Iggy in the vocals throughout the demo, in addition to the Alice Cooper-y thing. Good post. I'd rather hear artists struggle with original material than slick covers of someone else's work any time. That said, go see a local band tonight.

Cheers and thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I've not used Chrome so no experience, good you got it though! Also, damn it that's what I was trying to come up with, Southern Rock! There's definitely echoes present. And right, it's a bit softer than the usual fare and purely nostalgic for me. I've an extra track recorded either late '92 or early '93 (version of Paranoid with Finnish lyrics) and a two song rehearsal tape that I believe predates this. A schoolmate of mine who works in the local paper mentioned having something too and a live show done under their old name Springfield Plutonium Company. Must ask him to share one day. He might have more tapes from local bands of the time, better ask about that too.


Thought it might entertain you too, I should really get off my ass and listen to Stooges again, been meaning to do that for... ugh, something like 12-15 years?!? Didn't think of Iggy but now that you mention, yeah. The guys were around 16 when they recorded this if I'm not mistaken. I think they eventually made another demo but can't remember the details for sure, a few gigs anyways, including in Germany as some sort of exchange thingy. The singer Jasu dubbed me quite a few tapes with unfinished stuff too, just vocals and guitar. I think he also had some sort of collaboration or side project with a couple of guys from another local band, I remember drinking beer at their rehearsal. Wow, I'm starting to channel Grampa Simpson here so better cut off while I still can.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Velkaarn, if you revisit the Stooges be sure to stick with the Stooges, Fun House and Raw Power. Maybe include the Metallic KO bootleg for a laugh. Avoid the recent Ready to Die at all costs. It's the worst thing Iggy's ever done.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Alright, thanks for the tip, will heed the advice! I'm starting with the self-titled. Not sure if I've ever actually listened to this in full.

Unknown kirjoitti...

I googled for my old band and stumbled on to this... I am the one responsible for croaking on these four pieces of impression of hard rock. Thanks for sharing. Päiviönsaari kuittaa

Janne Ortju kirjoitti...

Thank you for these awkward memories. Wish someone had that later demo which we recorded on a four-track. We also had more of them skills on that one. Thank you.