torstai 28. heinäkuuta 2016

Burning Northshore #3

Burning Northshore information booklet, volume 3 (autumn 1996)
Article on Bloodsword, some reviews, addresses and info on editor's other projects


Ok, today we're doing another of these newsletter posts and this is the third volume of the Burning Northshore information booklet, which translates to a six-page newsletter, plus covers. I haven't seen the other volumes and this one too got passed to me from a trader I think... or did I get it from somewhere with an order of something or other? Not sure, but it was anyways one of those random things people used to add besides flyers, biosheets, logo stickers and whathaveyou.

The content here deals pretty exclusively with the editor's stuff; Den, Superior, Bloodsword, Galdrastafur 305 and The Meniscus Plains. As far as I've understood, it's mostly odinistic ambient sort of music, except for Superior whose '96 demo was recently... well, not very long ago, re-released and who sound very much like old Polish black metal. I heard a sample of Den somewhere and it was quite interesting too, I believe at least some of that material was going to be released again as well. Or has been, I haven't checked. Must do so after I'm done here. Right, let's wrap this up: it's curious stuff and probably not of interest to many, but maybe it will have some audience.

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Rhun kirjoitti...

I've listened to much black metal, but never could suss out what particularly distinguishes black metal of one country or ethnicity from that of another, other than primitive South American BM and atmospheric Greek BM. Out of curiosity, what distinguishes Polish black metal from what I just named or from typical Scandinavian BM, at least to your ears?

Interesting that this flyer shows a Superior 7" cassette for sale, as well as an upcoming full-length release. The only release from them mentioned on Metallum or from Withering Crypt (who released the 2013 reissue) is the Demo 1996. Having heard the Demo 1996, I'd like to hear more.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Shit I managed to delete the comment I already typed, what a bother. Anyways, what I was saying (writing) was that it's really hard to concretely say, when I say "polish sound" I'm thinking old Graveland, Fullmoon bands, even very old Behemoth sort of thing, basically raw'n'crispy sound with either shrieky or raspy dryish croaks for vocals, derived from the Scandinavian early 90's raw bm sound obviously. But it's still distinct enough, you know? Damn the original comment I wrote put it down better, should save text in case of accidents like that.

As for Superior I think the album was never done and the demo '96 is pretty much all there is released, possibly rehearsal tapes or such might exist. I have vague recollection of asking around about it way back but can't remember the exact answers I got.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

With Superior, there was only one demo done in 1996, not any other rehearsals. Several of those projects in Burning Northshore are available from Withering Crypt ( ) such as Den and Call of the Wolves.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


That's what I thought and yes, I'm aware of the Withering Crypt re-releases. Hadn't checked in a bit so missed the Den release. I think I'll pick that up!