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Goatfire - The Fifth Fulmination 7"EP '99

Goatfire - The Fifth Fulmination 7"EP 1999
1) Petrified in Darkness
2) The Fifth Fulmination

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Remember Hellflame 'zine? Of course you do. This is the band of the editor Nicola and a release from the middle of their lifespan, a 7"EP released on Satanic Terror Productions ending their demo era of five tapes. I should probably point out it's a "proper" band and not a one (or two) man throw away project. Contributed by our brother Fenrirsson, this is not a vinyl rip but made from a tape he got from Nicola. There was a compilation of old Goatfire material a few years ago, but that was the demonology and did not include the EPs. No cover scans, the image is as usual from M.A.

Two songs and both run in the quasi-standard slightly-over-four-minutes formula. The sound is just a touch on the crude side of things but very clear as you can easily make out all elements, even the bass. It doesn't sound very powerful or raw, somehow slightly... um, flat is not really what I'm after, nor is frail. Oh well, you'll notice when you listen to it. Above the usual demo quality though. It might have to do with the first song itself too, which generally runs in the vague almost-fast not-midtempo-anymore no man's land. The title track sounds better but I'm not certain if this is an illusion caused by the fact I find it superior of the two. Anyways, this is no-frills true-to-the-roots sort of black metal with a touch of the melodicism I associate generally with Italian black metal.

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I've got a few rare italian things that I've been looking to pass to someone. I'll send them over sometime. Check your email by the way - I've sourced one of your wants list items.


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Hello, it's been a while! Yeah, I'll have a look in a bit.

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@Emptiness Cycle:
I'm strongly missing the BlackMetalYesteryear blog. Good to see you check in here. Hearty thanks for all your work and the great music we've heard because of it.

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This comment got filtered for some reason so it appears a bit late, sorry!

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@kp and all : the blog may return soon in a new format and a new ideology but I've got wrongs to right first.