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Sorg - Journey to Planet Satan demo III '96

Sorg - Journey to Planet Satan demo III 1996
1) Intro
2) Qual
3) Sathanas
4) Tod I
5) Tod II
6) Vacuumized
7) Journey to Planet Satan
8) Outro - Hail Satan

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Let's post something quite disastrous today, here, as requested, is the third demo by German project Sorg which was mentioned on the entry for the first one. The second demo is still missing and the Coven would be very pleased to receive a copy, rip or a dub of it. Thank you. Right, this was in conspiracy with LKS again, thanks for the music and cover scans and as the title might tell you Astaroth must've been into Mysticum. Alas, this is not so apparent in the music.

What does that mean? Well, it is not industrial unhuman black metal for starters, nor is it the occasionally weird, other times moody and morose ambient/black metal mix of the first demo. It's mostly kind of annoying to be honest. More electronic and artificial sounding in general, with plenty of effects, wobbles and warbles and bad quasi-futuristic (think late 70's / early 80's lowest budget worst taste scifi-futuristic) instrumentation. I'd really love to hear the second demo and see how this development took course. It's probably meant to sound like a drugged out, nightmarish trip beyond the earthly sphere but I can't say that's the foremost vibe I get. It's not this bad all the way through, I admit, the less out of hand dark ambient parts like Tod I work better... until it starts to get silly again. Tod II would be pretty nice too if not for the utterly dumb voice bits, same pattern follows on Vacuumized. In general the later part of the demo is more agreeable. With appropriate substance abuse this might come across better, but so far I haven't managed to discover the genius here. If you feel bold, by all means take a trip to Planet Satan though I must refer the Norwegian travel service to be superior in all aspects.

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Opiekacz kirjoitti...

When we could see Host here? :D
I ask because one guy from some distro want to hear it
and he want download link from me,I cant send mp3 to him in mail
because I get return to sender

Opiekacz kirjoitti...
Devil's Fire, Blood and Death (Compilation Tape)

01. Quo Vadis - Trzy Szósteczki
02. Merciless Death - Ritual of the Black Host
03. Thrasher Death - Black Angel
04. Vader - Trupi Jad
05. Exorcist - Last Deacon
06. Slashing Death - Quick Death
07. Slashing Death & Peter - Ceremonic of Death
08. Bariel - Screaming
09. Smirnoff - Żołnierze Piekieł
10. Magnus - Destrukcja
11. Terror - Płomienie Inkwizycji
12. Scarecrow - Kurwa Matka
13. Monastery - Zuzia (cover Natalii Kukulskiej)
14. Do Dupy - Closing the lid of coffin ending page A
15. Slaughter - Czarna Msza
16. Lewiatan - Lewiatan
17. Mortal Slaughter - Urodzony dla Nienawiści
18. Manslaughter - Opętany
19. Extermination - R.I.P.
20. Guardian - Znamię Krwii
21. Prosector - Odwieczna Śmierć
22. Piekielne Wrota - Opętany
23. Armageddon - Przebudzenie
24. Masturbathor - Space Invaders
25. Thanatos - Legiony Zła
26. Mentor - Paranoid (cover Black Sabbath)
27. Opus Sacrum (female group from Ostrołęki)
28. Beerhead - Beer Forever
29. Do Dupy - Dedication for Adam Szulc Butcher Zine,to whom I dedicate this tape compilation

"Here before you something amazing! The compilation, which was released as a supplement to the Fuckin Bitch'zine and which includes such gems Polish metal music that the author himself has estimated that finding these materials is a borderline with miracle

... compilation is dedicated to the memory of Adam Szulc, the creator of the legendary "Butcher 'zine, "which, unfortunately, he died in tragic circumstances. I do not remember the exact date of release of this compilation, but even though it contains songs from the turn of the 80s and 90s, was released somewhere in the middle of the latter. Now that in those years, these recordings were shrouded in legend, is now listening to this tape, you can easily move in those legendary times and soak up the atmosphere. Rarities that they got there, often show how teams that knows more of the English-language texts, fared in their native language! A real treat devil music! I think much more needs no introduction to this pearl Polish underground, and it falls to me just invite you to familiarize yourself with these recordings.
Sam sound material gave only purified, and the rest remained virtually unchanged, so the sound you have the original"!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Will do Host later this week, stay tuned.

Thanks for the compilation, where is this text from? A Polish blog?

Opiekacz kirjoitti...


BabyHugZ kirjoitti...

Great post!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks... you did listen to it, did you?

BabyHugZ kirjoitti...

Haha! Three times over at 4AM. "Appropriate substance abuse" indeed. Hopefully the cosmos will bring us the 2nd demo.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Alright, good to read you enjoyed the trip to Planet Satan then! And yeah, let's hope the missing link will eventually show up.

zargonath kirjoitti...

What a silly journey!! I got dizzy :(

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, it should probably come with a warning/disclaimer of some sort!