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Blazing Eternity - Over sorte heder demo '96

Blazing Eternity - Over sorte heder demo I 1996
1) Over sorte heder
2) Towards the Thorns of Melancholy
3) Da håbet blev borte for altid...
4) Enthralled by Sorrow
5) The Romantic Forest Is Darker Than Sadness

Sampo / Zippyshare

Sometimes it really takes me ridiculously long to do things. Like today's item; I ripped the tape this was on five years ago. I wasn't actually going to post it but somehow the previous entry inspired me so here we are. It's been a while since our last visit to Denmark so about time we return to those shores with Blazing Eternity's first demo. Called black metal by some careless individuals this is probably as close as they got to that, doing a few years later a full-Katatonia wimp out. Or so I've been told, I actually never heard the second album but the development certainly seemed to lead to that path. Anyways, on this debut they play dark metal with harsh main vocals (primary reason people labeled this black metal I suppose), plenty of atmospheric breaks and generally quite mellow mood.

The title track is actually the most aggressive of the songs and gives a bit misleading idea of the release. Personally, I think it's the best of the bunch as well. It does have a slow part in the middle too so perhaps not as misleading as I implied. Interestingly, the other song with Danish lyrics, the short middle track When Hope Was Gone Forever is quite aggressive too while the English tracks tend towards slower, even doomy tempos and generally more... oh hell, look at the damned titles! Melancholy thorns, enthrally sorrow, romantic forest sadness!!! Need I really elaborate? I'm for some reason starting to get really annoyed, this demo has an odd habit of being "oh nice, why don't I listen to this more often" on every other listen and "isn't this girly crap going to ever end" on those less favourable moods. I don't really like the clean vocals, he sounds more like a kid trying his hardest which I suppose will appeal to some folks with strong parental instincts but it's not at all having the effect I'm sure he was striving for. Curiously, years ago I liked this demo better than their second one.

Right, enough of content, I'll just mention this is made from a dub and has generally decent quality but it really could be better. And there are no scans, unfortunately, just a cover image I think I picked up from Discogs. It's a pretty nice cover. That font though. This is all for now, if you like romantic sort of dark metal by cute *I don't know if they're really cute, they do wear corpsepaint on the pic!* young Danes pick this up. If you want manly, harsh war black metal stay at least 10' (~3 meters) away from this!

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Borderline1991 kirjoitti...

Thank you for this, this demo is excellent!
It's weird it ended up in Archive section on metalarea and not in New Releases, it should had been a New Release but moderator fucked up. :(

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Glad you enjoyed it, maybe I should post my rip of the second demo (which I seem to dig more myself) too? And nevermind the Archive thing, it is old hat after all, there was a low bitrate version earlier.

Borderline1991 kirjoitti...

If you feel like it. I have to say I love the cover artwork of both demos, I can't decide which one is prettier.

Well yeah there was low bitrate version on MA, and moderator added your link in your bitrate topic, I complained to him saying what you gave is a rip and shouldn't go to low bitrate but to new releases section, but his way of fixing the problem was to just move entire low bitrate topic to Archive (where old high bitrates go) which is absurd and I don't like it, it's cheating but - I'm not in position to dictate how someone's supposed to do their job. It's kind of awkward teaching my teacher heheheh. So it wiser to just be silent until I can someday do things like this by myself, then I'll do it properly. :)

Ah, who cares anyway. I'm happy you appreciate this old forgotten band as much as I do. I even enjoyed their newer material today! Well, it can hardly be considered "new" but you know what I mean, it was melodic but not bad.

Rhun kirjoitti...

There's this moment near the end of the last song where the vocalist is saying " this world fading away from... from... from sorrow!" That ending section is perhaps the most pathetic 'sorrowful' vocal performance I've ever heard in a song, and those multiple "froms" tick me off so much. This dude's not sorrowful, just bored out of his mind and perhaps on some sort of depressant.

The actual music under the vocals is not bad - it's mellow and melodic in a very tasteful way - but these feeble vocals and wimpy lyrics really damage the package. Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Interesting. Well, MArea is no priority to me so I don't really care. I think I will do the second demo too, let's see where it ends up!


Thanks for the great comment, made my morning coming home from work to read that! Hee hee, very well put and fits so many other similar performances.