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Lamented Souls - Demo '95

Lamented Souls - Demo 1995
1) Var
2) Eternal Existence
3) Nemesis
4) Hybris

Yandex / Sendspace

Bandcamp (compilation)

Did you think it would be something non-metal today? Too bad, it's more doom as we traverse from one land of Vikings to another. And it's also another item that's been sitting idle for five years. This is Lamented Souls fra Norge and to be honest kind of pointless entry as this demo '95 was released as part of the compilation CD 2004 "The Origins of Misery" on Duplicate Records, a label run by Einar Sjursjø whom you may remember from Beyond Dawn, a few other bands and his Dawnrazor 'zine. Hmm, now I kind of want to see issues of that, I don't think I've ever read one? I was thinking about ordering a copy back in the dark ages but didn't as I recall it was pretty expensive like Norwegian 'zines tended to be. I guess they printed those on baby seal skin with oil or something like that. Anyways, the CD version at least has this too, not sure about the digital version on Bandcamp as it looks like it's missing 4 tracks? You may consider this a preview, the CD can be ordered via the Bandcamp page. /commercial messages

Ok back to topic, Lamented Souls is probably mostly known as the former band of Simen Hestnæs aka ICS Vortex whom you might recognize from a bunch of Norwegian bands like Penthouse Petz (I'd really like to hear that) and Artisan as well as being married to the cartoonist Lise Myhre whom I presume to be the "Lise" credited for the cover art on this demo. The line-up also included Ole Jørgen Moe aka Apollyon of Aura Noir and Dødheimsgard fame, among others, and finally Olav Knutsen aka Bestial Tormentor of Infernö who shared the bass duties with Hestnæs here. As an aside, Sjursjø joined later to play drums while Apollyon switched to guitar which has really nothing to do with this demo. Or sort of does, as that line-up re-recorded two of the songs here on their 1997 session which was finally released as the first half of the compilation.

Good demo sound, recorded in some sort of studio in two days, usual doomy slow tempo that speeds up a little but never goes beyond careful mid pace. Well, maybe a little on the groovy ending track Hybris. Their doom is of very traditional sort, even moreso than Tristitia featured recently. Closer to Black Sabbath, Godsend and say Saint Vitus than anything deathly. I must say due to vocals it brings flashbacks of certain grungy stuff to mind like Alice in Chains. Poorly qualified to discuss that so let's not go further. I think that's enough for now, I strongly suggest getting the compilation if you enjoyed this and if you were here for dungeon synth or black metal I guess you were dissappointed. Next time, probably.

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Panacea kirjoitti...

"They printed those on baby seal skin with oil or something like that"
Ha, ha! That was a good one!
And as you said the compilation CD "The Origins of Misery" is highly recommended.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks! :)

Yeah, I should order a copy for myself, possibly with a few of the label's other releases soon (I think I need some Beyond Dawn at least) but for now I've already done the quota with the Ceremony compilation and the Hollow Myths stuff we got with sis Borderline.

Also I wonder if the vaunted Penthouse Petz ever actually even recorded anything? :D Might've easily been just a live band.

Borderline1991 kirjoitti...

This demo is really excellent, I enjoy it a lot so - thanks!!

It reminds me of British doom band Warning, which is a band I really, really love and I haven't been reminded of Warning while listening to some band many times, I find it a very unique band. To be more precise, music here reminds me of how Warning sounded on their full length albums mostly (especially on the first album) but at some moments and parts this demo is a bit less dark and more like Warning demo era. Have you ever listened to Warning?

kingpossum kirjoitti...

The singer sounds like an early influence on Eddie Vedder. He no doubt wasn't, but I thought it a potentially interesting but mostly just mildly amusing name drop. Thanks for the post.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I must admit myself lacking in that area, I don't think I've actually ever listened to Warning consciously (though I'm sure it's been playing on the background several times in various places - sounds quite familiar now that I sample it on YT). I guess they slipped by during a phase when I didn't listen to any tradiotional doom or much basic heavy metal either. I guess I should remedy this. Would you recommend going in chronologic order or is there some other "preferred" starting point, first album, last album or something like that?


See how I missed the ball totally and didn't even think of mentioning Vedder? Not that I ever was that much of a grunge listener but you sort of could not avoid it growing up in the early 90's and many of my associates certainly made sure I got my fill! Have you listened to Warning? Agree with the good sister?

Borderline1991 kirjoitti...


I wouldn't say Warning is traditional doom, when you use that term first thing that comes to mind for me are Candlemass for some reason even though they are epic doom, but I guess traditional doom would be something like Pentagram and Saint Vitus, huh? First two Warning demos are more like Valhall's Moonstoned - great vocals and awesome riffs, to me that style of doom is like traditional mixed with a tiny bit of stoner but I may be wrong. :)

First full-length is bit darker, and the second "Watching from a Distance" is very heavy and depressive, crushing, atmosphere is more like My Dying Bride. This second album, and also 40 Watt Sun's "The Inside Room" are really heavy and even though I love them both a lot, I can't listen to them often, they always ruin my mood and make me suffer and feel sad. The guy has probably the best doom vocals I've heard, the amount of emotion he's able to put in lyrics and vocals is astonishing.

Basically, early Warning isn't depressive, and later work (especially "Watching..." and "Bridges" ep) is very depressive.

Maybe it's best if you try the best of/compilation I added to metalarea which has their early work on it next time you feel like listening to Valhall or something similar. But you should eventually listen to their entire discography because it really is the best UK doom metal band. Riffs on their demos are some of the best doom riffs I've ever heard, I can never get tired of those songs - all demo songs are perfect. :)))

Anyway, when someday you do listen to Warning - I'd like to know what you think about it. Who knows, maybe it won't be anything special to you.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Ok, thanks for the in-depth comment and recommendations. I used the "traditional doom" rather carelessly there, like I am quite want to - basically meant doom with clean vocals. ;) The tracks I played from Youtube were promising so I will definitely check out the compilation you mention and eventually explore further.

kingpossum kirjoitti...

@Borderline & Velkaarn:
Funny, Candlemass was the first name that came to me, with Saint Vitus being the second. Not sure if I've heard Warning, but will check it out. Interesting how "traditional doom" is being debated, amidst all the genre, sub-genre and sub-sub-genre descriptions that float around now. Somewhere out there is a fantastic Vegan-Hare Krishna-acoustic-melodic-doom-technical-synth-hip hop-Viking-deathcore band waiting to be discovered.