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Mörkö - Mörön maa demo I '00

Mörkö - Mörön maa demo I 2000
1) Prologi
2) Syvälle Pohjolan maille
3) Kurjan tuomio
4) Raivo ei kuole
5) Epilogi

Mega / RGhost

I thought I'd do some more Finnish items. This is a freshly dug corpse, dubbed among the tapes I borrowed and ripped from brother Grev the other week, thanks again! Mörkö was and is a Finnish... I'm not going to call them a black metal band, nowadays they do some sort of experimental / psychedelic post-black metal whatever thing and here they played somewhat crude and straight in-your-face "black" metal or more accurately dark metal, maybe even fantasy metal? See the lyrics at M-A to see what I mean. I've been aware of the band for the longest time but didn't bother to check them out back in the early 00's as I thought they'd be some sort of joke. See, the name Mörkö translates as "boogeyman" (which is not exactly the most kvlt thing ever) as well as being the Finnish name for Tove Jansson's The Groke (who is obviously mvch more kvlt). Then when I finally listened to the 2013 album "Itsensänimeävä" I didn't like it one bit.

Ok, so I was not enthusiastic with the band, why post this demo? Well, I was quite surprised how rough and listenable it was, enjoyable even! The sound is somewhat barbaric, especially the drums and also cold, grim and other such delightful things. The lyrics were entertaining as well (in Finnish, sorry) so even if it were a jest it was a pretty good one. I am actually interested in hearing both the "Paluu" demo, also '00 and the first album "III" ...which is easy to do as it's on their Bandcamp page... I'll be back in a moment... ok seems like they were more black/doom at that phase, quite neatly in the middle ground between the two extremities of this demo and the last album. Instant judgement; this is the best release. Standout track: Raivo ei kuole. Give it a try, it's not as ridiculous as you might think. No really, it's not!

One more thing: cover scans would be nice. Assuming it had a cover in the first place.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Hails brother and you're welcome.

Well, I have "Paluu" (It's been released by BERC) & III.

So, you know what the do

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


III was on Bandcamp so don't need that (it was ok but not as good as the demo) but I could use a rip of "Paluu" for sure!

Taralezh kirjoitti...

Alright ! nice post bro, thanks
I actualy did liked their last album, pretty good imo
If one can upload the Paluu one gets it us common people will be grateful as usual

kingpossum kirjoitti...

Much thanks Grev and our illustrious host. What's going on with the drums on Track 2? The drummer seems like he's trying to decide which of two beats he wants to use and just goes with both. Interesting guitar buzz that sort of just flatlines throughout each song. I rather like this thing. And releases that bookend with "Prologi" and "Epilogi" are always welcome for whatever kind of concept they promise. Cool deal. Indeed let's hear "Return" some time. Thanks everyone.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Glad you enjoyed the offering, it was a somewhat fortuitous accident! I was supposed to rip an item from Grev's tape and naturally I did everything on it. :)

I'm sure the "new" direction of Mörkö (post-comeback) has its followers, probably more than their demonologia but I just don't seem to be into it. T, have you checked out the first album? Doomy. Has that avantgardishness in it already.

kp, did you check out the notes at the M-A entry? Looks like the drums were recorded first and the rest later which seems like a peculiar choice! I find the oddball drumming (and the buzzzzzz) a clear selling point, kinda like the vocals too. If you can be arsed to Google translate your way through them the lyrics aren't bad either. Not sure if they properly translate though.

We'll certainly return to the land of The Groke later, when the stars are right. Or very, very wrong.

Taralezh kirjoitti...

Yeah I have heard it, and do like it. I think it's a standout cause when I'm thinking of black/doom mutation in Finland these years I usualy think of Barathrum/Absent Silence etc.. and Morko realy has it's own vibes, like Apocryphal Voice or Woods of Belial do

GREV kirjoitti...


For your service (as always) :D