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Curse - Rehearsal 09/08/93 [incorrect!]

Curse (fin) - Rehearsal 9th August 1993
1) Infant Jesus Dead
2) Satanic Dominion
3) Disciples of Mockery
4) Infant Jesus Dead
5) Blasphemous Incantation
6) Demons Appear
7) Blasphemy
8) Ferocia Animi

Links removed as entry is incorrect.

More vintage Finnish black/death metal, or brutal black metal if you prefer, this is Curse of Finland and a rehearsal recording predating the first demo "Satanic Dominion" sent by brother Baldemar years ago, finally laid on the altar as black candles glow and the shadows crawl. I suppose he got it via trading back in the day and it has probably travelled through several decks and dwelt on multiple cassettes before ending up in B's hands. Yeah, there is tape wear and other associated flaws, but it's not too bad. There was no proper cover, or I so I think, yet I felt like whipping up a placeholder in the vein of the first demo. And then I could not decide if I should have it black on white or reversed. Went with first option to follow the look of the demos.

At first I wanted to go with this so it'd look better on the blog.

As I mentioned earlier there is wear and tear here, most notably present on the first track. It gets a bit better and generally it's a pretty good rehearsal sound. I can't help thinking this is actually two separate sessions instead of one as the sound changes quite a bit at the fourth track. Would explain why they do Infant Jesus Dead twice. Though it was something of a signature song. Maybe they took a break and adjusted the stuff to make the sound heavier and decided to re-do that song and then proceed? Anyways, this contains all three songs from "Satanic Dominion", Blasphemous Incantation which would appear on the split tape and two songs out of four from "The Black Horde" cassette EP. Disciples of Mockery would seem to be unreleased, maybe they dropped it because it sounds so much like Deicide? I think I've written enough about Curse here over the years so I'll cut this here. Recommended for fans of Curse (obviously) and old Finnish deathly black metal in general.

UPDATE: Well, brother Grev informed me that this is actually two separate rehearsals, which I kind of suspected already. First three tracks are the '93 session and the rest are from May '94. I'll make a repost with the corrected information. Yay.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Hails Velkaarn!

This is interesting. I have Reh-Tape 9.8.1993 traded over 20 years ago and it's included 3 tracks only (playing time 9:21). Also I have Reh-Tape 14.5.1994 (5 tracks and playing time 16:19)

So, this could be compilation between those two rehearsal sessions? I'll check my tapes, when I'll have some extra energy.

Also I have third Curse rehearsal tape named "Fuckin' Chaos!" from 1995 (date not specified). It's include 4 tracks & 13:45 is playing time...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for comment! It seems extremely likely this is the rehearsals '93 and '94 you mention. I was sort of suspicious if the songs from "The Black Horde" would've been ready back in '93. Please check when you can though I am quite certain it is as you say.

What tracks does your "Fuckin' Chaos!" have?

GREV kirjoitti...


You're welcome! I'll check "FC" rehearsal out asap

GREV kirjoitti...

As I said "ASAP"... this must be the world record :D

Tracks from the "Fuckin' Chaos!" Rehearsal tape is:

1) Hailing From Hell
2) Deities We Are…
3) Forever Against Christ
4) Light Is Dead

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Appreciated! Seems to match with the rip I have, one title was slightly off but otherwise same. 13:44 running time on mine.