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Throes of Dawn - With the Northern Wind demo '94 [new rip]

Throes of Dawn - With the Northern Wind demo I 1994
1) Autumn Winds
2) Outburning Sun
3) Silent Throes

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Looks like I really did a repost today. Let's go back to December 2008 when I first posted a rip of the debut demo of Throes of Dawn, "With the Northern Wind" released in 1994. Or let's not really since that rip was not very good. The bitrate was so-and-so, the rip was a bit too loud and brickwalled and worst of all I managed to do it in mono unintentionally. Well, that is the price of self-taught things. Especially with people who don't bother to read instructions.

I've made the rip from the same tape as last time and yeah, it is little worn but nothing drastic. To elaborate a bit from the old entry, the three tracks presented here are quite long and pretty ambitious for such a young band they were back then. Melodic, at best moments very catchy stuff with fairly complex song structures. You know, plenty of tempo changes and different parts that just barely connect to each other. Like a Lego structure built by an ambitious child, it just narrowly stays together and does not collapse into a mess of caltrops. Well, the clean vocals are still very, very cringeworthy, especially in the last song which altogether feels like least fluent of the constructions with its I'm-gonna-fall-I-can't-stop-now-oh-jesus-why-am-I-going-this-fast-I'm-gonna-die sort of fast, death metally parts and other clunky bits. The first song, which they re-recorded for the debut album "Pakkasherra" is the best of the crop while the rest follow conveniently in descending order.

Throes of Dawn are still active and have released albums in slow and steady pace while changing to a more mellow, atmospheric and somewhat progressive direction, with the most recent one out last August. To my surprise I found myself enjoying the more recent works better than the late 90's/millennium period where I stopped following them. I'm listening to the 2010 album as I type this and it's more like (new) Tiamat than any sort of meloblack or dark metal of their past and at least initially much better than I recall "Binding of the Spirit" was. The clean singing sounding finally good helps a lot I guess. This really had nothing to do with the demo here. If you liked this before, this is a bit better rip so get it. If you haven't heard them before this is a natural starting point. Let's see if next post would be more death/black or something totally different. It won't be a repost. Probably.

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pawel wojtowicz kirjoitti...

this was a typical woodcut records band to me

GREV kirjoitti...

Uh! I'll remember this ToD demo when I bought it straight through the band in 1994/95.

I really like Throes of Dawn and I was glad when Mikki/Woodcut found them.

Really thanks for this rip, because I haven't it earlier!

BTW. Do you have their recording (some promo, etc.) in July 1995? (with tracks "The Night belong to us", "Pakkasherra" and "At the moonrise")

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for the commentary, gents.


Yeah, I suppose one could say Woodcut had certain sound they signed though there were odd ones like Noitapastori too. I think early ToD had more in common with the other Vaasan bands rather than the Woodcut roster in general.


You're welcome, the old rip was not very good, I thought you had that one? No, I don't have the recording you mean, was it some sort of advance tape released before the "proper" promo '96 done by Woodcut? There were seven songs done on that session, four of which ended on it and I recall "At the Moonrise" would've been one of those left off.

GREV kirjoitti...


Well, I just can't find ToD rip on my archives. I have original tape, but not any rip.
About that tape what I ask. Well, that must be some sort of promo / advance for "Pakkasherra" Promo (yeah, I know that the real name is Promo '96).
My tape trade friend titled that tape "Promo / Advance Tape, July 1995"

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Agreed, sounds like an advance tape. Do you have a rip of it?

Funny you mention the promo '96 as "Pakkasherra" promo too as it really should be called that - it says that right inside the cover above the tracklisting "promo 1996 Pakkasherra", but later just shortened to Promo '96. For clarity I suppose?

GREV kirjoitti...


Yes, I have tape dub of it.

Yeah. I'll remember when I bought "Promo '96" from Woodcut in 1996, I name tape for my list called "Pakkasherra" Promo Tape... :D