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Key of Alocer #7

Key of Alocer 'zine, issue 7 (1996)
Queen of Zamagard
Helish Magick and Race
Martial Arts, Ethos and the West
Survival of the Fittest
Diamanda Galás (interview taken from The Greenwich Village Press)
Delusion and Homophobia
Gtum-Mo: A Dharmic Heresy
Into the Final Frontier
Prince of Darkness - A Heretical Topography
Music and the Satanic Aesthetic
In the Shadows of the Talmud
New Science, Old Soul
Hitler as Avatar
The Black Order - of Pan-Europa -
The Political and Racial Views of H.P. Lovecraft
The Metaphysics of the Discworld
+ reviews divided to literature & music


A 'zine contribution today, sent by a reader of ours whom we'll call here simply A. Thank you for supporting the cause! This is the seventh issue of the notorious Key of Alocer, you may remember I posted the fourth one roughly five years ago.

I mentioned the older issues on the write up there, to recapitulate they were essentially traditional metal fanzines with articles on occult and such themes on the side while the fourth one was the turning point; music (especially metal) was put to sidelines in favour of the other sorts of stuff. Master Fenrirsson discussed the later issues briefly in the comments section, writing: "...I have all 9 issues of Key of Alocer (last one was called "Koaxial"). They steadily went downhill in terms of content (eg more tedious and self indulgent on behalf of the editor), and became more of a mouthpiece for homosexuality and transgenderism... I knew the editor for quite a while, because he lived not far from me, but I moved away and severed contact..." F was also planning to scan the missing issues to me before handing them forward, but things happened and that did not come to pass. I can't say I'd be really heartbroken, I've since read scans of older issues (I have at least #2 at hand and am pretty sure I should have either #1 or #3 as well) and while they are clearly more interesting to me as well as quite entertaining they can't be called top-notch classics or anything. Which leads us finally to this, the seventh incarnation.

I think I've tried navigating through this three or four times by now, unsuccessfully. It really is quite tedious as Fenrirsson put it and I always seem to think of better uses for my time and stop reading. As you may notice from above, this issue does not feature a single interview made by Abaaner (or A°A°I apparently at that time) - the sole interview (Diamanda Galás) is taken from elsewhere. Originally I was going to list the contributors after the articles but skipped the idea as not all were credited and it would've been a pain anyways. Let's just settle with a mention there is a lot of contributed material on this issue and at least two of the articles were responses to another from a previous issue. Touchy one I suppose. The reviews which I eyed through were actually quite entertaining and pretty interesting. Right, if you liked/were intrigued (or offended) by KoA#4 be sure to check this out too. Even more so if the subjects of the articles and featurettes interest you.

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Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

Heartily surprised to see this little thing come to light after all these years. Reminds me that the guy is like a cancer that you think has gone into remission, only really to be working in the background to see if they can make an appearance elsewhere. Considering those early issues - never quite the "classic" that perhaps in a sense we'd like, but they were never fanatical BM publications, just as much as they were never fanatical Satanist publications - just made by someone that wanted to appear "authoritative" on something (/anything/), to wield that impotence over other people. Next issues were even worse and unreadable... Imagine what a self important twat they are today.

On an entirely other note, I would have most of those demos in the reviews, if there is anything worthwhile therein.

HKSO kirjoitti...

Key of Alocer was one of my favourite zines. I have #2 scanned as well if that is to any help. Would love to read the other issues too. Prepared to offer something good in exchange if anyone has them or wants to provide scans (looking for #1, 3, 5).
Strangely enough I was just talking with the editor of KOA the other day about other matters and this came up.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for the comments!


Hmm, I'll need to have another look at those but I'm curious, did you have his project Gothi-Gydja A.A.I.`(or however it was spelled)? I got a strange urge to hear what that was like.


My quick and shallow search did not yield any other issues than #2 for now and I could swear I had at least one more. Will keep looking. If you talked with the editor didn't you ask if there were still some copies left? I've understood the last issues moved slowly so to say.

Draco Fenrirsson kirjoitti...

Early Gothi-Gydja AAI was pretty bad, whatever spin you'd like to put on it; it's not surprising that I say that though - because I don't enjoy music that is wholly lifted from other sources and branded as new.

I could (and should perhaps) grab those issues back to scan them - but to be brutally honest, I hate scanning with a vengeance, even for these types of things, and somewhere in the back of my mind I'm probably also thinking that I don't see their value: which is perhaps a harsh statement to make. The Demoncy interview which featured in one was great by memory.

HKSO, I thought that you had managed to get copies from John? Or was that just the other material that we talked about last year?

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

The first issue of Key Of Alocer is available here :

(These pictures don't respect the zine...)


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the link, the photos of a zine are pretty poor format to read but better than nothing I guess.


I understand your feeling, I also hate scanning, though the big machine at work makes it slightly more toleratable. Can also relate to the sentiment, it's even worse when you're not at all keen on what you're working on.