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Chaotic Impurity - Rehearsal Madness '94

Chaotic Impurity - Rehearsal Madness 1994
1) Dark Legion
2) Meteor Doom
3) Mount Dead
4) Infinite Black
5) 'Old Slow Punk Ending'
6) 'Old Old Song'
7) Rabid
8) If Only You Knew
9) Take a Stab

RGhost / Mega

Another of brother The Unnamed's sendings is in order and this is both the oldest and easily the rarest of the bunch; a '94 rehearsal tape by Chaotic Impurity who were more or less proto-Infinite Black, though it's really inaccurate to say that. I actually asked about it and Jesse said "Chaotic stuff was pre-IB...different band but kind of incestuous when it comes to members... long story..." so that's that. Similar actually to OfDoom and Black Feast situation, to refer something domestic and slightly more current. No covers for this and it was ripped from a CDr Jesse burned me.

Recorded on a tape deck live in bedroom (IB demo '95 was a step up, they did that one in the living room) so it's a bit on the murky side soundwise but not really worse than most other old rehearsal tapes. The nine songs making up the roughly 25 minute recording are mostly short, fast and chaotic stabs of black/death metal mayhem and I think at least partially improvised as things sound like they get a bit out of hand at times! As the tracklisting reveals, two of the songs didn't have proper names either but it also serves to testify it was not as improvisational as I might have implied there. It's making me more confused (or confusing) than usual, isn't it? The personnel are largely same as on early Infinite Black recordings so the vocals of The Abhorred are the recognizable screeches, shrieks and howls. It's a neat detail how here we have track four titled Infinite Black and on IB reh/demo '95 the sixth song is Chaotic Impurity. Enough words, if you fancy some obscure and primitive Australian uneasy listening this is for you. If you would prefer melodic keyboard-drive music you're out of luck today.

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