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Total Darkness #2

Total Darkness Magazine, issue 2 (1995)
Blessed In Sin
In the Woods...
Funeral Winds
December Moon
Misanthropy Records
Ashen Mortality
Deprived 'zine
Thy Serpent
"Oderint Dum Metuant" by Wiking Herske
Bestial Summoning/Occult bio
"A Blaze in the Northern Sky" by Wiking Herske
"Diabolism/Satanism" by Bard Nocturnus
"The Truth in Thy Blood" by Taoiseach O'Malley
"Up from the Ashes" by Svarte Sirkel
"Black Metal Holocaust" by Bard Nocturnus
+ editorial, reviews, gig reports


Alright, as promised here's something before Nummirock to where I will be departing Thursday morning. A 'zine post, which is actually exactly the same thing I did last midsummer! Damn it, patterns woven around me ensnaring me in a devious web of my own making! No time for paranoia, or very long introductions either to be frank so let's get to business; second issue of Irish Total Darkness "magazine" which is way too grandiose a monicker for a messy fanzine xeroxed in sloppy manner. But that makes it, despite being a bit hard to read, a good 'zine. Very large scans were done by and sent to me by comrade thenecromancer, thank you for your efforts and donation!

This was an A5 sized 'zine and counting the covers features 74 pages (one spread is included twice as the other page turned out unreadable on the first try) crammed quite full of stuff by its editors Bard Nocturnus (of Carnun and Abhor ...not exactly fame but some will recognize the names, later vox for Myrkr as Vordr), Damien Looney (also of Carnun) and a fellow known as Fitzy. By the way, assuming the Abhor is the same as M-A one, I'd like to hear the "Abyss" demo listed there. The line-up does not seem to include our editor though. Oh no I'm starting to digress yet again and I was supposed to keep this short! Right, black metal 'zine, some death, doom and a random industrial unit (Kane) featured and despite including a couple of VERY common names (Behemoth being the worst offender here, followed by Sigh, Burzum and In the Woods...) they have, as if to balance out, some rare appearances like my old favourite Tha-Norr and Israeli Adversary. Excellent. Note that the lads, or more like the Carnun pair, were Varg-cronies so "all Total Darkness issues are in respectful dedication to Varg Vikernes" and feature plenty of "Cymophane" propaganda and so on. This is obviously a strike against if you're an old Euronymous-Jugend like me. But the past is gone so let's not dwell on that and just enjoy it. And I'm ready to overlook a lot when I encounter another Tha-Norr enthusiast. Props for also being one of the rare places where I spot comrade Veiko's old band! Recommended reading but mind you, the scans are enormous so it's a sizeable package to download.

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Nimetön kirjoitti...

Hi there, your blog is awesome, keep it going!

I've been looking for the following releases, it would be awesome if you rediscover them someday!

Dolmens - Les Guerriers de Lug (I read a long time ago that this is serious stuff which has a very medieval and heroic feeling)

Fosforos - Esoteric and Tuomiopäivä (old finnish melodic black metal)


Krvzible kirjoitti... my new analog tape blog maybe youll like thanks for yur rips

Nimetön kirjoitti...

no more? :__(

Krvzible kirjoitti...

if youre still alive, i have the helvete (austria) release at last. Drop me an email :)

Nimetön kirjoitti...

Hails, Velkaarn, if you're still around out there! I made a blog as I wanted to jump on the bandwagon a bit, and I cite you as a main source of inspiration. I have a few things from your wanted list I will get around to uploading sometime!

Anyway, if you care, take a look and feel free to say something nice, or shit about it.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hails! Sorry the late reply, the blog is on hold currently... and I seem to have missed checking out yours as the link seems to lead nowhere. Was there a problem of some sort or did you decide to restart with different name?

Nimetön kirjoitti...

@Velkaarn :

Exactly the latter!