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Clayforge - Kult Release demo '98

Clayforge - Kult Release demo I 1998
1) Le Acteur de la Mort
2) Nightblade
3) Hell Parade
4) Blood Opera
5) The Flesh I Eat

Yandex / Sampo

Settling into a pattern here if I'm not careful, here's again a Finnish demo to follow Aussie madness and slightly similar actually to the previous one, though where Grimm's Journey was Swedish-tinged melodeath Clayforge, better(?) known as Murder In Art, plays what I guess is best described as death'n'roll. You know, groovy and rockin' sort of melodeath variation, think Entombed after "Wolverine Blues" as the probably easiest example. Well, quite a few death metal bands actually went and wimped out this way now that you think back. This is ripped from an original tape that was in the bag of cassettes brother Pörrö bestowed upon be the other year. Thanks mate and see you on Thursday!

Being made from an original, cover scans are naturally enclosed, as is a scan of the Murder In Art biosheet that was included with the demo when my comrade got it. Recorded at Kansashouse-studios, which some of you may remember from various Morningstar recordings, this has a pretty good kind of full demo sound, reasonably well balanced without being too polished. All five tracks are leaning to the compact radio-friendly pop song length, circling around the three minute running time each. I don't know if it's the summer or whatever but I seem to be enjoying this now much more than last time I checked it out, or the style in general. Perhaps I should give the MIA album a listen too. Give it a listen if you're into this kind of stuff at all. Otherwise wait for hopefully another post before this year's Nummirock.

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GREV kirjoitti...

Hails Brother Velkaarn!

And thanks for ALL THESE uploading what you have add in Mighty Asmodian Coven \m/

I was been so lazy/busy to check the blog out daily (what I do usually) and spend my all free time to do my "mighty collection" Hahahaa! I'll hope that I finish my list before summers end or at least when I'll spend my unholy birthdays in November ;)

I need to check all these uploads out. Total respect you and your contributors (like me. I'm little bit selfish today)

No festivals in this summer (I don't even remember when I was some festivals?) cause I hate those trendy peoples out there. Fuck off and die! Muahahahaa (I'm also little bit misanthropic today ;)

But... all the best you and all the readers of the greatest blog on whole fuckin' universe!!!


Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hails, brother Grev!

Don't worry, I haven't been as active updating as I probably should recently due distractions. So not too much to catch up!

Well, I must hurry to train so hyvää juhannusta!

djfaust kirjoitti...

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