sunnuntai 14. joulukuuta 2008

Chained And Desperate - Advance Tracks promo 1995

Chained And Desperate - Advance Tracks 1995 promo tape
The Shapeless Stone
2) Centaurs Dance
3) Sirens Lament


Sometime in 1995 I ran across an ad or flyer, don't remember which one, for a Greek band called Chained And Desperate and their 1994 demo tape. I was (and still am) very much into Greek metal and intrigued by the band's unsual name so I wrote them. I got a reply with an advance tape of three new songs which were in new direction for the band, the 1994 demo having been more death/doom. These songs on this little promo were midtempo, atmospheric pagan metal and I was very impressed with them. They recorded a little later 3 more songs for what was supposed to be a split CD with Order Of The Ebon Hand, but that didn't happen, so both bands released their parts as demos.

Chained And Desperate released a full-lenght album "Eleven Angels in a Circle" in 2000, went into hiatus and have since returned. The album can be downloaded for free on their website, check it out.

The download here is not my rip, I came across this a few years ago in Soulseek and have no idea who to credit with the rip. It's good quality so I didn't see any sense in making an inferior rip of the tape myself, so thank you, anonymous contributor. Also, there was no proper cover for this tape so again a band logo was uploaded instead.

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PaganiusI kirjoitti...

Link is broken for me. Mediafire says it does not exist.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, it was one of the very old ones that never got reuploaded after the first Mediafail account was deleted. I've reuploaded it now. I wonder if I should actually rip my own copy of this?