torstai 11. joulukuuta 2008

Twin Obscenity - Revelations Of Glaaki demo 1995

Twin Obscenity - Revelations Of Glaaki demo 1995
Like The Death Of A Sorceress
2) The Infernal Dance Of Prince Kaleth
3) Tribute To Mortality
4) Revelations Of Glaaki

New version

This was one of the demos that made me realize how much I loved the underground scene. It was released in a time when the last thing you'd expect to hear from Norway was death metal. Sure, there was Molested but that was that, and let's face it Molested was nothing too interesting. This, however, was pure gold. Revelations Of Glaaki... the whole thing oozed mystery and the rest of the titles only helped. This was not the viking metal you kids knew Twin Obscenity for. I think one of my Norwegian or German tape trading comrades recorded me this one, so we have to use the Metal Archives image.

All these tracks were released on the delayed Head Not Found debut album, but I think these versions still merit a listen as they, at least to this writer's ears sound different. It is a definite listen for anyone into Lovecraftian darker metal, even while it's not directly borrowing from the master himself. Nothing viking or Norse here, just the stench of dust-covered, forgotten and long forsaken tomes of weird tales and bizarre invocations. Absolutely recommended.

ACHTUNG! 01-02-2011 - New, improved version of the rip uploaded! If you have the old one you might want to download this instead. It's ripped from the same dub but done better. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

as said this is underground, i remember back in 1996 when i first heard this band, good tape i wish i still had it.

Burek kirjoitti...

Thanks, I like to listen to old death metal tapes. They give me a nostalgic feeling.