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Halls Of Mandos - As The Evil Wins demo 1996

Halls Of Mandos - As The Evil Wins demo 1996
As The Evil Wins
Awaken By The Winds
The Summoning
Time For A Change


The first and only release by Halls Of Mandos, a little-known Finnish black metal band that changed their name into Withered Garden after this release and then again into Sightless later on. The musical style changed as well, first into more COF and the like influenced melodic dark metal and then gradually into more death metallic sound. Anyways, this demo was still black metal, with the typical sound of Finnish demo bands of the era. I received this recording from... one of the members after I bought the Withered Garden demo and asked if he could record me the old material too. It's a bit flawed due to tape wear and can't be helped I'm afraid. Shouldn't bother people used to cassettes and tape rips too much, I suppose. I must confess that I prefer this demo to the Withered Garden material. Haven't heard Sightless yet, so no comment or comparison to that.

UPDATE: I got an original copy of the tape this summer (2010) and ripped it. The quality is a bit better than the originally posted version so I decided to upload it. 320 kbps & scan of the xeroxed cover enclosed.

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