tiistai 30. joulukuuta 2008

Perkele - Saatanalliset Himot rehearsal/demo I 1994

Perkele - Saatanalliset Himot rehearsal demo I 1994
Kalevala (Morningstar cover)
2) Pagan Fire
3) Nainen Pimeydestä
4) Seductive Eyes Of A Wolf
5) It Will End...
6) Eternal Moonfog
7) Witchcraft (Morningstar cover, outro)


Here's some more seldom seen material from Morningstar mastermind Ari "Sinister Satyr" Honkonen, this is the first recording of his project Perkele, started in 1994 with some German wench and evolved through very Isengard-sounding phase (the "Pohjola"-demo) to a more gothic sound ("Midsummer Murders" promo and the "Erotic Circus" album) and eventual split up. Honkonen sort of revived the project briefly as Iron Bird and released one demo under that monicker. But more of that later if I find the tape with the demo.

This tape was released in few numbers, not surprising for a rehearsal/demo and I got my copy from one of the small Finnish distros in 1995. The sound quality is not so bad, considering it is a reheasal recording, the material itself... well, it is not exactly great. Sort of pagan metal, similar to older Morningstar (the intro track and outro being Morningstar songs), two of the songs ended up on the first proper demo "Pohjola" and the rest are instrumentals or feature Lady Lammaschta's less-than-proficient vocals. It has mostly historical relevance and of course the few Perkele-fans will probably try it to hear rougher versions of "Pagan Fire" and "Nainen Pimeydestä".

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Heathcliff kirjoitti...

Does you have the Full lenght "Erotic Circus" for share?

Thanks in advance

S.V kirjoitti...

hails doyou have the album erotic circus????? for share

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

@Heathcliff & S.V:

Yeah I do have the album, I don't normally do them but since it seems to be out of print and I couldn't find a download link after a brief look I might rip & post it.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

vuelve a postear perkele erotic circus. tranks

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

vuelve a postearlo erotic circus perkele

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You want me to reupload "Erotic Circus" album? It's pretty awful y'know. Oh well, I suppose I can do that next.