lauantai 11. huhtikuuta 2009

Azaghal - Rehearsal 1998

Azaghal - Rehearsal 1998
Kristinusko liekeissä
2) Harmagedon
3) Demonolatria
4) Verenjano
5) Kuilujen herrat vapautuvat


This is another thing I got from that Dutch mate of mine mentioned earlier. An early rehearsal tape of Azaghal, probably recorded between the 1st and 2nd demo as songs from the 2nd demo (and later releases) appear here in quite different versions - Demonolatria here is a longer version, Kuilujen herrat is titled slightly differently, Verenjano is a short version and so on.

Good sound enough for a rehearsal tape, quite clear actually. Material is familiar to Azaghal listeners but the versions differ well enough to make it worth listening to. Raw & mostly fast, melodic Finnish black metal. No covers for this one so Azaghal logo was used in place.

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aswad32 kirjoitti...

oh man you really providing something rare here, great job, hail from malaysia

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks, enjoyed your blog too - there's some really rare items.