torstai 9. huhtikuuta 2009

Bethel - Northern Supremacy demo 1997

Bethel - Northern Supremacy demo 1997
Aye Inferno...
2) Wandering in the Lands of Dark & Frost
3) Triumph of the Lost Azure

Reuploaded - another rip

This is posted on request. I know there's at least one other version around, but after testing I'd venture to say the rip I uploaded is slightly superior. Not my rip by the way, think I got this one from Soulseek too. So thanks to whoever had ripped it! UPDATE: I ripped my dub of this and have uploaded it now. Not sure if really any better quality, but at least bitrate is higher. Ominous Productions released the tape with very nice covers, which I unfortunately don't have so you'll have to do with the makeshift version I pieced together from the one posted on Metal Archives and the scan of just the "cover page" that came with the rip (included in the .rar as well).

Bethel was a short-lived Finnish band playing melodic black/dark metal or as they called it "Supreme Nordic Metal" - epic and melodic tunes, not very "black" but atmospheric and dark. The demo, recorded in Studio Perkele, has a very good sound and the musicianship is competent too. The clean vocals make me wince a little bit, but they tend to do that to me more often than not. After Bethel split up, the vocalist/drummer Sir Holm went on to form a band called Carnival Diablo which quickly evolved into Devilry. Devilry's warlike death metal and Bethel's atmospheric nordic metal sounds have very little in common, however both are worth checking out. Enjoy the demo!

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