lauantai 11. huhtikuuta 2009

Tuonela - Demo 1998

Tuonela - Demo (0r Promo?) 1998
Pimeän Poluilla
2) Kylmyydessä
3) In the Halls of Winter


Another request here and a bit of an obscure case as there are two officially released Tuonela demos, "Metsän Pimennossa" 1997 (all titles in Finnish) and "Peikkometsä" in 1998 (all titles in English) and an interview mentioned upcoming release "Glacial Zephyrs Beyond the Vastlands" which would've been 5 songs and this one doesn't fit to be that either. Metal Archives mentions several unnamed promos and rehearsal tapes having been recorded between 1999 - 2002, so it'd be easy to count this among those releases. Problem is that this is a 1998 tape and I'm (almost) 100% certain I got this in 1998. It was recorded to me by a Dutch tape trader comrade, usually a reliable fellow when it comes to accuracy and the lyrics seem to match song titles and all so that leaves the question what the hell is this demo 1998? An unreleased one they had recorded to someone who taped it to another person etc? Another Finnish band with a name similar enough to confuse my Dutch pal? I doubt that scenario, however I'd like to receive any information someone might have about this release.

So what's in here then? Intro and 3 songs of 90's Finnish black metal to put it short. Melodic and raw. The tape/recording quality was okayish and so is the result here, a bit rough around the edges maybe but if you're reading this blog I assume it's not much of an issue to you. Obviously I didn't have the cover for this (if such even exists) so I put the band logo up there. Worth checking out and like I said, if you know more details about this, please share the info!

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SCHQ kirjoitti...

Many thanks for this! It must be the sole source of this mystery project's works so far...But would you please upload your sharings to rapidshare, megaupload or some thing? My f**king country blocked Zshare, mediafire and bango

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Sorry, don't have a Rapidshare account - Mediafire & Zshare work best for most, but I'll upload this to Mega for you now.

SCHQ kirjoitti...

Thanks for the mega link! Now I've managed to down your sharings via proxy... a bit too slow but it works...though I recommend you add megaupload links to your future uploadings... continue to watch your wonderful site... Thanks! and if by any chance you got some other Tuonela stuffs, pls share

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

I will keep an eye on Tuonela material, I'm curious to hear more myself.

I will also take note of the situation in your country and maybe others as well and will update the links to Megaupload if that works for you, eventually.

Your country is not an easy place to live, unlike Finland. Sorry for my ignorance.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Repost! Please!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah I'll do it in the morning when I come back from work.

Anonyymi kirjoitti...