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Root - Live in Brno 12th January 1993

Root - Live in Brno, Czech Republic 12.01.1993
Casilda's Song
2) The Temple in the Underworld
3) Message
4) The Wall
5) My Deep Mystery
6) Leviathan
7) Lucifer
8) Asmodeus
9) Loki
10) Písen pro Satana
11) 666
12) 7 cerných jezdcu
13) Zjevení
14) Cesta zkázy


Slow posting due issues with new computer. Anyways, inspired by the awesome, legendary Root performing at the Black Curse over Hellsinki event on 18th April, I decided to pack & upload this old live tape I ripped some time ago. I think I got this one from my Swedish tape trader comrade so thanks to him and the unknown person who recorded the show... too bad he seemed to run out of tape a few times or who knows what made him take a few breaks you can unfortunately hear on the recording. The quality is... well, being used to old live bootlegs, I'll say OK but you might want to reconsider if used to the ones that've been polished up in a studio. Annoyingly the last(?) song Cesta zkázy clips, maybe the tape completely ran out then.

Despite the small flaws, it's a killer set quite evenly from the first three albums. Totally cult stuff.

6 kommenttia:

SCHQ kirjoitti...

do you have Lysets Tod's demo? very interested in it...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Lysets Tod the Finnish one-man band? No sorry, haven't got that one.

THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

old ROOT live = KIIILLLLLEERRRRRRR!!!!!!!! Thanx a lot for this!!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

You are most welcome The Deceased, Root rules in hell!

Grev88 kirjoitti...

Hey, thanks for this! But, it's incomplete? Only 3 tracks coming from RAR pack?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Grev, don't seem to be able to dublicate your problem, downloaded it and got all tracks no problem. You sure you downloaded the whole thing? Added a Megaupload link in case of issue with Mediafire.