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Asmodeus/Thule - Split demo 1997

Asmodeus (Iceland)/Thule (Iceland) - Split demo 1997
Side Asmodeus:

1) Beneath the Burning Sky
Satan's Insignia
Goat Baphomet
4) The Darkened Moonstruck Night
5) Sorcerer's Spell
6) The Book of Leviathan (The Black cover)
7) Invocation to the Demons and Infernal God (+Outro)
Side Thule:
Inn Í Eilífðina
9) Guð Er Lýgi
10) Þegar Tunglið Er Fullt
11) Í Röngum Heimi
12) Ætt Úlfa
13) Trúfrelsi
14) Rottur
15) Myrkviður - Víg Mitt
16) Blackfog - Fire


About time to post some more black metal, this time from Iceland. Another tape I bought from one of the distros in late 90's. This split demo is more like a compilation of both bands' work, with Asmodeus' songs 1-3 recorded live in June 1997 and remixed in Studio Hemra in November 1997 during the recordings of tracks 4-6. 7th track is again live, from April 1997 and remixed in May. Thule's part is studio, songs 1-3 recorded in Teppaturninn in May 1997, 4 & 5 in August 1996 in Hellirinn and tracks 6 & 7 September 1995 in Studio Stef. The bonus tracks by Myrkviður & Blackfog were supposed to be teasers from their upcoming demos but as far as I know they were not released or were mega-über limited and distributed only in Iceland or something. I presume they were projects by either bands' members. Thule's songs have been released on a CD by so you should probably check that release out. They eventually evolved into Potentiam.

The music presented is black metal, raw and underground with a distinct Scandinavian feel to it. Asmodeus sounds slightly more brutal while Thule is cold and atmospheric. Myrkviður's song is slow in tempo and lenghty while Blackfog's is shorter, faster and generally more necro. Personally I prefer the Thule material here. Recommended and get the Thule "Anthology"!

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THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

This is good stuff! I still have the flyer for this tape, but somehow I didn't order it back then - there was toooo much stuff going around at that time, so I guess I just kinda overlooked it (and the flyer wasn't/isn't too 'spectacular', haha!)... A mistake as I see now! Thanks very much for sharing it 12 years after!!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Hey sorry never saw your comment at the time, but it's really good stuff, especially side B on my opinion. Hail Satan!

Fridtjof Bjarturson kirjoitti...

This is a beautiful album, thank you very much for the upload. Currently looking for this tape to purchase, if you've got some leads, I'd appreciate it if you'd send them my way.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome and I agree, one of the better split tapes in my opinion. Sadly can't really say where to look for a copy but I've seen this pop up for sale or trade every now and then on both eBay and Discogs as well as Metal Archives forums. Good luck!