tiistai 21. heinäkuuta 2009

Necrolust - XII Faces Of Evil demo 1994

Necrolust (Poland) - XII Faces Of Evil demo 1994
2) Winds Of Evil
3) Satanic Desire
4) Towards The Darkness
5) Wicked God
6) Religion Of The Masses
7) The Graveyard Face
8) (Untitled)
9) Designed For Satan
10) Inside Of Soul
11) Unholy Monk
12) Between The Gates
13) Defeated
14) The Abbys
15) Prologue


Polish Necrolust, from Bielsko-Biała, here with their (probably) third demo tape XII Faces Of Evil. Somewhat doomy, Satanic death metal in old school way and sound. I could've sworn I had the cover for this (well, a xerox but anyways) somewhere but I seem completely unable to find it. The sound overall is quite murky but audible, came out good considering that the dub I have is not very good, unknown generation tape-trading loot. Got rid of the hiss ok though.

Like I mentioned, I was unable to find the cover xerox so I had to turn to MA again for a shoddy image and an unreliable tracklisting, whoever had it posted had some titles incorrect and failed to mention the two untitled short instrumentals... though I don't think they were mentioned on the cover either. Sometimes ripping tapes can be challenging.

UPDATE: Found & scanned the copy of the covers, edited tracklisting, repacked & uploaded.

Recommended most for collectors of obscure releases and death metal enthusiasts.

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Merlin kirjoitti...

Could you re-upload track #7?

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

It was corrupted? Fucking Mediafire! Will do and will reupload the whole thing to Megaupload as well.