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Raven (Finland) - Alone In The Mist demo 1998

Raven (fin) - Alone In The Mist demo 1998
Calls In The Cold Winternight
2) Shadows Beyond A Stone
3) Joining The Gathering Of A New Kingdom
4) Woundheir
5) Alone In The Mist
6) Outro

This version no longer supported, see the more recent post

Some different genre material for change, funereal doom metal from Finland, this is the 1st demo of Raven, pre-Shape Of Despair. This demo, like Metal Archives tells us, was not officially released, only copied for some people. So, no cover. I was one of those people and seems like whoever added the info to MA was not as the song titles were different back then (see above). I actually scanned the little note with the titles instead of the cover - yeah, quite lame I know. Anyways, better than nothing eh?

Music is heavy and suffocating, like people who have listened to Shape Of Despair can expect. Being a demo recording the sound is of course quite rough and there is a little tape imperfection at places. But since you are reading this blog I don't think you'll have a problem with that. It's cleaner than on the 1995 rehearsal tape I have somewhere (instrumental versions of these songs). This was one of the several bands of a group of individuals from Vantaa (at that time) and quite surprisingly (at least for me) the one that got places. I thought Wanderer would get signed. SW has released through Werewolf records the material of Wanderer along with Wintermoon's demo and some bonus tracks so see his site for that, other projects were I Flow In Depths..., With The Winds, Haven In Shadows, Vindasyl, Ainu and so on and on. Most unfortunately did not release proper demos and some not even rehearsal tapes. This one did, so give it a try if you like dark and slow music.

UPDATE: Mediafire link had a corrupt .rar, should be fixed now. 2nd one works.

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Ossi kirjoitti...

Näyttäisi olevan jotain vikaa tiedostossa, purkaessa kolmosraidan kohdalla pukkaa virheilmoitusta eikä anna purkaa kuin kaksi ekaa raitaa. Latasin vielä uudemman kerran, mutta sama homma taas. Kiinnostaisi koko hoito kyllä, tuo The Eerie Sampler löytyy hyllystä, ja sillä Raven miellytti, vaikkei Shape of Despairiin olekaan juuri tullut tutustuttua.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Voi vittu niinpä näyttää olevan korruptoitunut! Tarkistan vielä zshare-linkin ja lataan uudestaan Mediafireen. Kiitos raportista!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Hi, some years have passed now since you uploaded this release, I seem to have found it on another site (same layout of titles in info file as in your blog post).
Title 4 (Woundheir) has cellphone disturbance noise at [01:25]. Since the release is very rare, would you be so kind to rip and upload it again? Would be awesome.
I will monitor this comment section in hope for a reply by you.
Regards, Pete

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hmm, you're correct, it's brief but annoying, I hope it was the rip that has it and not the dub, I need to find the tape and check this. If it's just the rip I'll do it again and update the post.

This is one of the dead mediafire links anyways so good opportunity to replace it! It might take a little time though, don't expect instant fix!