tiistai 7. heinäkuuta 2009

Nihili Locus - ...Advesperascit... 1994

Nihili Locus - ...Advesperascit... demo 1994
Gloomy Theatre Of Ruins
2) Canto (Of A Nightly Jewel)
3) Dance Of The Crying Soul
4) ...Advesperascit...
5) Buio
6) XII Touches
7) Tectum Nemoralibus Umbris


Italian atmospheric death/black/doom/something metal. Not so easy to define, but it's atmospheric and dark stuff, very good and has that obscure, occult feeling many Italian bands manage to capture. Think about Opera IX, Mortuary Drape, Death SS and the like. I ordered this one directly from the band in 1995 after seeing a flyer which sparked my interest. I don't remember anymore what was so special about the flyer, probably the name and the Christopher Szpajdel drawn logo was enough. They had released a 7" EP in 1992 and a MCD after this tape and then apparently split up, only to reform recently. See their MySpace page for (very little) information.

There are 3 "proper" metal tracks, 2 shorter instrumental pieces and 2 tracks that fall into intro category, but the metal songs are quite lenghty, fear not. Sound is good and quality too, I ripped it from an original pro demo tape.

EDIT: Badongo link seems to have expired so I removed it. Not bothering to replace it. If additional link is needed, ask for it.

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