tiistai 29. syyskuuta 2009

At The Gates - Live at Jaxx, Springfield VA 03.06.1996

At The Gates - Live at Jaxx, Springfield VA, USA 3rd June 1996
The Flames of the End
2) Slaughter of the Soul
3) Terminal Spirit Disease
4) Cold
5) The Swarm
6) Blinded by Fear
7) Suicide Nation
8) Under a Serpent Sun
9) Need


Swedish death metallers At The Gates don't probably need much introducing. This here gig (3rd June or 6th March, I've never checked to be sure but I think 3rd June) in the States is a part of some tour (with Morbid Angel headlining) so they only had a bit over half an hour to play. Naturally this limited the amount of songs considerably and they play only tracks off the last album and 2 from "Terminal Spirit Disease" which is a minor issue, but perfectly understandable. As you might've guessed, I got this through tape trading.

You might wonder why I used the old At The Gates logo as they only play "new" songs? Well, simply enough the later logo looks extremely lame. Fortunately (to me at least) the material is still enjoyable. Comes with a good enough sound too so pick this up if you like At The Gates (expect if you're an "only old albums are real"-purist), (new wave of) Swedish death metal... oh well you know if you want this.

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