torstai 17. syyskuuta 2009

Draconis Sanguis - Gloria Draconis demo 1999

Draconis Sanguis - Gloria Draconis demo 1999
Chapter I - Chaos of Fate
2) Chapter II - Shadows of the Past
3) Chapter III - Under a Spell
4) Chapter IV - Gezeichnet für die Ewigkeit
5) Chapter V - Sword of Wrath
6) Chapter VI - Verbranntes Land
7) Chapter VII - Der Schwur
8) Gloria Draconis - The Final Chapter
9) Epilogue - Schicksal


German stuff this time. Sounds a lot like black metal but isn't, this is black metal based fantasy metal and a concept demo to boot. Sounds like melodic later 90s bm strewn with some awkward sounding clean singing (reminds me a bit of early Darkwoods My Betrothed actually) and spoken narrative bits which make me only a little bit uncomfortable. But those spoken parts are always hard to pull off without sounding silly. The grating main vocal does ok.

I ordered this demo with a bunch of others from Elven Witchcraft, who specialized in fantasy/mythology-oriented stuff. Déjà vu, I think I've written about EW earlier so I'm not going to babble anymore, download or don't. Recommended for fantasy enthusiasts, fans of melodic dark metal and curio seekers.

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