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Nargothrond - Moria C-LP 1999

Nargothrond (Portugal) - Moria Cassette LP 1999
Middle-Earth's 13th Age
2) Ungolianth
3) Black Realm Of Morgoth
4) Orcish Steel
5) Golden Wyrm Of Angband
6) In The Ruins Of Nargothrond
7) Under The Red-Eye's Banner
8) The Fires Of Gorgoroth
9) Moria
10) The Witch-King Of Angmar
11) The One Ring (Interlude)
12) Return Of The Black Foe
13) Pussywhipped (bonus track - S.O.D. cover)


Something a little different this time - the cassette album of Portugal's Nargothrond, side project of Firstborn Evil, later known as The Firstborn, members. As you can see from the titles above, this is very Tolkien-influenced material and based on black metal. However, don't dive in expecting material in the vein of Summoning, like the bonus cover track might hint the approach is quite different.

I remember it being referred to as "orcish battle metal" or something on similar lines - it's noisy, chaotic, brutal and warlike on first take and I must admit I was far from overjoyed when I got the tape in 1999. I was (and still am) a big fan of Summoning and Tolkien too and was at least checking out just about anything so themed. Now as I listen to it after a long time I find myself enjoying the punkish yet still very metal racket. There is more than at first assaults the ear so this was a nice re-discovery. Not trve but fun listen, why not give it a try?

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THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Hehe... man, this is some fucked-up shit, especially regarding the contrary epic concept - never heard of it before, but I like it! And yes, there's a lot of Punk in it (musically)... Thanx for letting it become known!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Thanks for your comments & support, The Deceased! Hmm, I found out that their tapes were already released here, including the one I ripped: Check that out for the 2 other tapes!

THE DECEASED kirjoitti...

Thanx for the hint, Velkaarn! I'll definitely check out the other demos! You already listened to them as well? If yes, similar style to "Moria"?