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From Depths - Live in Angri 1993

From Depths - Live in Angri 1993
Tales of Creation
2) Light in the Dark (But Perhaps it's Only a Dream) - Electrocution cover
3) Unholy Blasphemies - Morbid Angel cover
4) The Door of Time
5) Pull the Plug - Death cover
6) Dark Maze
7) All in the Name of God - Electrocution cover


Remember "The Burning Ice" EP by From Depths I posted a little while back? Well, in March, but anyways, I was contacted by Verminaard - the ex vocalist/guitarist of From Depths and a member of Apolokia - who kindly promised to dig up the old tapes for me. He found the 1994 tape but not the 1993 promo, however he found and sent me this old & rare live tape from which the songs on the promo were taken in the first place. Unfortunately neither he nor Stormanger could remember the tracklisting! So I've named the tracks, really working with my imagination here, I - VIII. If someone is able to provide me with a full tracklisting, I'd be very grateful!

EDIT: Stop the press! An old friend of the band remembered the titles and gave them to Verminaard who contacted me, so now I'm updating and correcting this & reuploading. So you might want to download it again to get the titles and stuff corrected!

The stuff they play here is quite different from the later black metal material, they do some Electrocution songs (pre-From Depths, thrash influenced by the Teutonic godz Sodom, Kreator etc.), two covers (Morbid Angel's "Unholy Blasphemies" and Death's "Pull the Plug") and the then new From Depths tracks, at that point very much influenced by Katatonia, Rotting Christ, Paradise Lost and so on, kind of death/black/doom mixture. The recording has a good, clear live sound and the rip quality is very good too, so nothing to complain in that department. Check this out to observe the evolution of the band - or if you're an old school UG-maniac into this kind of material!

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