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Strigoi Mort - Promo/demo 1996

Strigoi Mort (fin) - Promo/demo I 1996
Chapter One (Darkness & Despair)
2) Chapter Two (Witchcraft, Lady Lilith)


Strigoi Mort was a short-lived project by Kyprian's Circle mastermind Kyprian Nurmi and as far as I know released only this one tape. Which I received, with cover scans, from comrade Grev. Thanks once again! Dubbed from his original tape to me, the sound and dub quality are good. However, the low sound volume of the original tape is quite notable. I decided against upping the volume too much as this amplifies the hissing and other "tape ambiance" too much.

Music on this short (just over 8 minutes) demo is slow and atmospheric metal, different enough from his main band to justify a separate project. The percussion is provided by a session member, other instruments and the clean-ish vocals are performed by Kyprian himself. The vocals are not the best I've heard but they do their job and the style fits the music. Recommended for fans of Kyprian's Circle and atmospheric music.

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It was just a matter of time really when you'd get in trouble posting massive amounts of albums. I think you should consider quality over quantity this time. Good luck with the new one!

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