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Goat Of The Harvest Compilation Vol.4

Various Artists - Goat of the Harvest Compilation vol.4: Autumn/Winter 1997/98 c.e.
Rood - An Ode to the Mighty North (Intro)
2) Utgard - Forgotten Heathen Woods
3) Judas Iscariot - From His Woven Darkness Above
4) Inner Hell - Misanthromaniac
5) Rare Form - Fata Morgana
6) Keep Of Kalessin - Skygger av Sorg I
7) Flauros - The Legend of Werewolf
8) Inhumate - Piece of Meat
9) Anwyl - Realm of Blasphemy
10) Anno Daemonicus - Chaos Overshadows the Valkyrian Castle
11) Bethel - Aye Inferno... / Wandering in the Lands of Dark and Frost
12) Helgrindr - A Raven... Left to Christ
13) Nomicon - Down Below
14) Deathfog - Sailing to the Great North Seas
15) Bastardized - Purest of Innocence
16) Ghoul Vault - Hypnotic Way
17) Funeral Rites - Moonlight December
18) Malkuth - Além dos Jardins Nosferáticos
19) Pagan Funeral - A Journey Through Carpathia


I wrote I'd post more compilations. Well, here's another compilation tape, this one is from the USA and came with the 4th issue of the 'zine of same name, Goat Of The Harvest, which I probably will scan later as soon as I remember where I put it. Until then, we have the contents of the cassette here. The covers of course were not very informative as the 'zine had most of the info on these bands within and actually interviewed most of them, so until I manage to dig it up from somewhere I've not too much to tell about them. Well, it did have tracklisting and contact addresses so that's really what you expect from a compilation.

The line-up is international, with bands from the US, Finland, Japan, Brasil and Norway to mention few. Styles range from black metal to death metal to synth-based stuff and bands from the well-known (Judas Iscariot) to not-so-well-known (Funeral Rites) to totally obscure (Pagan Funeral). I probably should mention the first artist "Rood" is the guy who made the 'zine & compilation. As the cassette compilations were back then, the sound levels tend to shift track to track, often quite much. I didn't bother too much with this, just adjusted a few of the most extreme bits. Sounds more authentic and so on. That's all for now, give it a try if you're into black & death metal.

3 kommenttia:

raf666 kirjoitti...

Amazing compilation with small - known bands Rare Form, Anno Daemonicus, Ghouol Vault...

pagan14 kirjoitti...

Uh, I've only heard of one or maybe two of these bands. So it should make for an interesting listen at least. Thanks for posting.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Heh, better a compilation with less known stuff than same old songs time and again, don't you agree?

One can make interesting finds on them, even if most would turn out less than good.