keskiviikko 8. joulukuuta 2010

Forest - The Call of the Forest demo 1995

Forest (pol) - The Call of the Forest demo 1995
2) The Triumph
3) Darkness...
4) Seduced by the Black Moon
5) Outro


Here is some more black metal from Poland, lesser known band this time with their second demo. I've received this demo, like so many others, through tape trading so no covers available. Metal Archives supplies us with this painfully crappy image:

Unfortunately I've been unable to dig up a better one, so contributions would be welcome. I guess this should apply to the recording too as this isn't the best quality dub around, there are some imperfections of the tape and background hissing. On the other hand, the music presented is raw and straight forward black metal with pretty harsh rehearsal sound so it doesn't really bother me that much. It has certain charm to it. Intro, outro, short instrumental in the middle and two tracks of underground Polish black metal. I could recommend this if you enjoy raw black metal or collect Polish ug-stuff.

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