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Selbstmord - Instrumental Rehearsal 2001

Selbstmord (pol) - Instrumental Rehearsal 2001
The Forerunner of New Chaos
2) Day of the Murderers
3) On the Fucking Shroud of Madness


Keeping to Poland, here's another Selbstmord rehearsal I was contributed. Rare for this blog being post millennium too. The tracks appear on "Spectre of Hate" album and these are instrumental versions my contributor (thanks, you know who you are!) received from the band members without a date or tracklisting (the later was figured out however). Obviously there's no cover for it either.

The three tracks have a very good rehearsal sound in my opinion, being instrumental the sound is actually better than on some early official Selbsmord recordings! There'a a little bit of audible tape wear and other minor glitches sprinkled around but nothing really notable. If you enjoy Selbstmord and/or Polish black metal you'll want to check this out. Recommended for others into black metal too as long as you're not scared away by it being an instrumental rehearsal. Your miss if you are.

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> Brian
You bet! Take ya pills now and keep getting by, pathetic being.