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Journey Through The Dark - Screams of Sirens demo 1995

Journey Through The Dark - Screams of Sirens demo 1995
Witches from Salem
2) Chant Of Sirens: Leucosia's Last Sortilage
3) Emotions In Black
4) Tears Of Autumn

Link & rip lost! Will be replaced ASAP

Here's a demo from Italy's Journey Through The Dark, known later as Art Inferno. As the band names might give away, we've got some dark and atmospheric stuff here. Or that was their aim I guess. The result on this demo at least (I'm not familiar with the other material, A.I. is supposedly some sort of black metal but this isn't) is a mix of slightly doomy death metal and keyboard atmospherics. From time to time they blend quite well but often it really just sounds like you had pieces of two puzzles thrown into the same box given to a slightly drunken guy to put together. The first song is more direct death metallish stuff, last one is an outroesque instrumental and the two middle ones mix the deathy and atmospheric parts together. Main vocal is grunty death metallish sort and the secondary one is raspy & screamy. They also use some whispers in the early part of the second track, which I like best - there's a feel similar to some Greek bands present. Too bad the whole song isn't as good as the first part, the metal riffing gets too chuggy to my taste.

I got this from a tape trader back in 1996 or so and it's a dub of few generations but pretty good sound nevertheless and no remarkable tape errors as far as I noticed. The sound of the recording itself is also quite decent, with all instruments audible (including bass which does some neat bits on the third track) and pretty balanced. No covers, a M.A. pic was used. There are good moments in the tracks but none of them really work for me as whole, I'll stick to Mortuary Drape but give this a shot, it's common for other people to enjoy stuff I don't. Oh yeah, I'm actually curious to hear the "Among Secrets" mini they released after this one so let me know if you have it!

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