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Asafated - Live in Istanbul 24.06.1995

Asafated - Live in Istanbul, Turkey 24th June 1995
2) Lonely
3) Goner
4) Violent Desires
5) Lost Innocence
6) Divine Suffocation
7) Summer Holyday
8) Lonely (Encore)


Here's the last Asafated item from my tapes, a live show from 1995 I got from a trader. Complete recording, to the point of including a soundcheck/jam/whatever in the beginning - it's short enough to pass as an intro and you can skip it anyways.

All songs are familiar from their demos and "Kaybolmuş Masumiyet" album, including the "Summer Holyday" instrumental, which ends their set proper here, it was retitled "7" later. I'm not sure why they play "Lonely" again as an encore, probably simply because they didn't have anything else rehearsed. Well it's their best track so I don't mind. Good live sound and a decent performance so pick this up if you enjoyed their material.

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