tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2011

Chained And Desperate - The Day After demo 1992

Chained And Desperate - The Day After demo II 1992
The Day After (Intro)
2) Learning to Die
3) Tales of the Dead
4) Sands of War
5) Raped Souls


Remember when I posted the 1994 demo by Chained And Desperate and kept mentioning the previous effort? Well, here it is. This is their second demo, though if I remember correctly 1991's "Total Destruction" was a rehearsal tape, and very, very, very different from their current style and actually anything released after it. I was well aware the band is certainly not fond of their first three tapes but my morbid curiosity still drove me to find the material. Big thanks, once again, to Grev who dubbed me this one. I still need the "Total Destruction" tape so let me know if you have it.

So how bad is it and what is it? As the band's bio puts it, this is an experimental demo of "electro doom forms" which means 5 very short songs in about ten minutes with minimalistic instrumentation and voices. It is very odd, clumsy and honestly quite bad. I'm assuming some kind of drum machine or program is used, as well as keyboards and... well then I'm not sure anymore, there's probably a bass used too? And some guitar. It sounds strange and I can't really compare it to much anything, well maybe some moments to old Abruptum. A bizarre little demo, check it out if your curiosity is of the unsatiable sort!

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panoschained kirjoitti...

Hahaha. You are really curious. Check your email at myspace.


Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Hi Panos, hope you didn't mind too much & sorry I've forgotten to answer you! I'll check the account next. Good to read about the deal!

Anonyymi kirjoitti...

Time to make an arse of myself on this blog again...

cover art: 2edgy4u
logo: Alfred Hitchcock?
track 1: wow, this shit would make Killer Foxx roll over in their graves... again!
track 2: "take-me-out-to-the-baaall-gaaame!"
track 3: these "tales of the dead" put me to bed.
track 4: Apparently someone bought a new phaser pedal. See also: Sands of Bore.
track 5: generic acoustic BM outro. I could make a "BM" joke here but while my soul is perfectly safe in hell, my ears certainly do feel raped.
overall: 4 "touchdown!" Doom Occultas out of 666

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Heh, looks like you're deliberately digging up the real gems on this blog?

I still want to find that rehearsal tape but I'm afraid it's going to be more in the generic grinding away vein than anything special.