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Thokk - A Trance for the Ever-Toiling Witch demo 1995

Thokk - A Trance for the Ever-Toiling Witch demo 1995
Falling in the White Tempest
3) Of Rape and Vampirism
4) The Witch-Tower of Vshanaad
5) In the Phantasmagoric Dimensions
6) Abscond to Nightmare Chasms
7) Come a Grimmer Presence
8) Haunted by Saturnian Phantoms (Abducted in the Cosmic Bog)


Here's some black metal again and a request, I think it was from comrade Feuersturm. The only demo of Thokk, an American black metal project which featured Lord Kaiaphas aka "Lord Fag Pussyferian" (yeah I still find that amusing, I'm a lowbrow caveman), the old vocalist of GBK and Ancient. Later apparently he's been involved in electronic music. Back to this item, this was recorded together with a member of Arghoslent and can be divided into two parts, the first being black metal (1-5) and second sort of ambient (6-8) with vocals. I got this from a trader around 1995 and without a copy of the covers so I've dug up some images from the Inter Nets, including a pretty decent one from the Demo Archives. Thanks, D.A.! Though I believe their image is of a xerox copy as the other (crappy) images I found depict a coloured cover (see above) instead of b&w.

Unknown generation dub, but sounds ok. The demo itself has a passable sound too and the music is mostly good even though his silly vampyric sheanigans are getting stronger here than on the 2nd GBK demo (it would peak during his tenure with Ancient) and some parts like the giggling and laughing on "In the Phantasmagoric Dimensions" sounds demented and not in the good way. The ambient latter half sounds now better than it used to which is obviously a matter entirely in my head. Track 7 is the invocation from Necronomicon used also by Beherit for "Spirit of the God of Fire" on H418ov21.C - just thought I'd mention that. Mordgrimm released a CD called "Of Rape and Vampirism" which has the same tracklisting, having not heard it I'm not sure if it's just this demo on CD or has the material been re-recorded/-mastered or something. If it's the same stuff, then you're obviously better off picking that up. However, you might want to try this demo version first, just in case.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

It's great demo! I added this release to the Let it be there. The forum is an album of this band of about 320:
Enjoy bro!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for letting me know & good you enjoy the demo! I'll check out the album too.

Feuersturm kirjoitti...

I noticed the recording is the same as on the album, but the mix is slightly rougher here. Great stuff, although I never listen to the ambient half. Must confess I do like Lord Fag's drumming.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Good to know that! Yeah, he's not bad at all. I've started to listen to the ambient half really only recently myself, it's not too shabby if you enjoy that kind of stuff.