tiistai 31. toukokuuta 2011

Faerghail - Dark Oceans Calm Cass EP 1996

Faerghail - Dark Oceans Calm Cassette EP 1996
2) Talven Tahdon Jäävän
3) Dark Oceans Calm
4) With All My Sorrows


Here's something more "ordinary" after all the non-metal and other weirdness: Finnish melodic dark metal from Faerghail and their cassette EP released on Dark Moon Prods in 1996. I'm aware these tracks were also released as bonus on their debut album "Horizon's Fall" (1999) but as I found out that after ripping my tape with this EP I decided to just go ahead and upload it still, I don't think the album's very widely distributed anymore these days. I didn't have the covers for this, but I stole pretty decent scans from Discogs. Thanks!

What I said at the very beginning sums this up: Finnish melodic dark metal. It does have a degree of the charm of an enthusiastic demo band to it, clear production but not overtly polished one and passable material so if you like 90's dark metal at all I think you might want to give this a try. The musicianship should probably be called more eager than proficient. It is pretty upbeat and not very dark after all, but that's the style of the times. It's fun to listen to occasionally, even if I'm not that much into the style anymore, but please don't call this black metal, at least to my face. If you find a copy of the "Horizon's Fall" album, pick that up for (most likely) better sounding versions of the tracks.

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Anonyymi kirjoitti...

This is great, do you have the "In Dreamful Supremacy" demo? I search this many years!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for your comment, no I don't have it but I can ask Grev later.