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Anathema - Live in London 23.06.1995

Anathema (uk) - Live in Camden Underworld, London UK 23rd June 1995
1) The Silent Enigma
Mine Is Yours to Drown In (Ours Is the New Tribe)
3) Sleepless
4) Under a Veil (of Black Lace)
5) We, the Gods
6) 666


A live tape and from a little different genre for change. You're probably familiar with Anathema from England? This is an old show I got from a trader and as you can tell with minimal research, it is dated between their "Pentecost III" mini and the second full album "The Silent Enigma" which means they still play doom/death metal at this era, well with very little death at this point to be honest, but still metal you know. I guess people call them atmospheric/progressive rock or whatever in the later stages of their career.

The sound is pretty good, though it could really be a little stronger. The vocalist isn't really in his prime I'd say, he sounds pretty feeble occasionally when trying to do the more growly strong parts. The gothy moanier bits naturally come easier, you know the half spoken, half clean vocal he does. And My Dying Bride did/does too. Well, whatever. Moving on. I'm not sure if this is a complete recording of the gig, more likely not since it's only about 37 minutes and I find it hard to believe they would've had only that to play. More likely is that this recording is missing something from the beginning. If you were there that day maybe you could tell how much is missing? Till then, give it a go if you like their old stuff!

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Thanks for this great live show

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Glad you enjoyed it!