maanantai 20. kesäkuuta 2011

Gospel Of The Horns - Promo 1995

Gospel Of The Horns - Promo 1995
Nocturnal Passage
2) The Wolf Lore


Here's an item I actually ripped already in October 2009 but it was left hanging on my desktop while I was trying to verify it and then I sort of forgot it. Now you ask: for a year and a half?! Well, it was inside another folder... anyways, here it is finally. Those of you with a vinyl player are adviced to grab the Kneel Before the Master's Throne LP re-release of "The Satanist's Dream" which has these tracks as bonus along with another one from 1994. What I'm posting here is what a trader friend dubbed me as "Promo 1995" back in 1996 or 1997. I don't know if a proper cover art even exists, possibly not, but at least I don't have it. I just used the old Gospel Of The Horns logo (which I prefer). Originally I misread the handwritten tracklisting and had the second track as "The Wolf Lone", these things happen, apparently it is "..Lore".

The tape was not perfect I'm afraid, there's some audible wear & tear and it's probably dub of a dub of a dub of... well you get the picture. It's still very much listenable quality, the sound of the recording itself is quite typical demo sound and sounds very 90's Australian if you know what I mean. Thrashing warlike black metal, not as thrashy as the later material though. Very good anyways and recommeded!

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