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Parricide - Live in Istanbul 24.06.1995

Parricide (tur) - Live in Istanbul, Turkey 24th June 1995
2) Tears
3) Thoughts of Pain


Another live tape, this one sort of companion to the Asafated one I uploaded a little while ago. Not just as this too is doomy death metal from Turkey, but from also the same date and probably the same venue. As the tracklisting above hints, this is a pretty short one and possibly incomplete. Of course, I've seen bands play very short sets myself, even this short (remember Horna warming up for Gorgoroth at Tavastia in... uh... that one year?) but more likely this is just incomplete. Leave me a note if you happen to know!

Tape traded item, audience recording I suspect but has a good live sound. Quite balanced and audible. Music this particular Parricide performs is slowish and thus doomy death metal, with some synth backing it up. It's not at all bad, I haven't heard their "Scatterings" demo but would like to do so, again leave me a note if you have it! I'm not 100% sure of the second tracks title, that's what I got and he'd seem to say so too. They don't have a track of that name on the demo however. Which naturally needn't mean anything. Anyways, the tracklisting I had didn't include the third track either. But enough about that, this is what I've got for today.

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