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Enchanted By Dawn - Promo Tape 4/1996

Enchanted By Dawn - Rehearsal/Promo Tape 4/1996
Through the Time and Space
2) When the Signs Have Filled


More Finnish obscurity dubbed me by comrade Grev. So thanks to him for this tape which appears to be the only release of this band from Kajaani. He didn't have a cover so I've used an image from Metal Archives, as always I'm interested in a full scan so get in touch if you have this.

Tape traded item so it's probably been dubbed a couple of times before ending up with me, but that doesn't sound much. On the other hand, this is a rehearsal recording which you do notice as the music is melodic black metal with some fairly ambitious ideas that would've benefitted from a more... produced sound, I suppose. I must say this is a pretty good rehearsal sound anyways, clear and audible enough. The vocalist uses a variety of styles which work out mostly ok, the whispering voice he uses at the beginning of the second track is a nice touch even if it drowns a bit. His clean vocals sound a bit clumsy so here the rehearsal sound is a blessing as they are also somewhat drowned among the instruments. Would've been interesting to hear more stuff from them, but as this seems to be the only recording I guess that's not happening. Unless they changed name or something. Recommended for collectors of Finnish rarities and those who enjoy both melodic black metal and rehearsal sounds.

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Nice stuff, enjoyed the second track. Thanks!

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You're welcome, too bad it was only two tracks.