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Plastic Sampler vol. 1 (1996)

Various Artists - Plastic Sampler volume 1 (1996)
Two Witches - Dreamworld '94
2) Sad Parade - Ten Million Virgins
3) Dreamtime - Servants
4) Sepulcrum Mentis - Salto Cum Diabolo (Demo Version)
5) Hundred Million Martians - Hollow (Demo Version)
6) Exedra - Waltz
7) This Empty Flow - Of Blossom And Decay
8) Advanced Art - I Am the Labyrinth (Special Remix)
9) Shade Factory - Her Last Shore ('93 Demo Version)
10) Timothy Moldray - Image of Reality
11) NYX - Siberian
12) Neverwood - First Try (Failure)
13) Scoutgape - Apology (Special Remix)
14) [Active] Media Disease - This Room (Demo Version)

Reuploaded! - Cover scans+images

Ok, time for another "And now something completely different" - post and this one is very, very different from the usual stuff here. Well, not that different if you think back to Oberon, Landscape & Shadow Dancers which I suppose would be closest comparisons to the material on this apparently uncommon compilation tape made in 1996 by Plastic Passion. I got it from one of my traders who did not provide me with a copy of the covers nor have I ever seen them so no image(s) this time. As always, I'd be happy to get a scan.

UPDATE: Got the scans from Grev, thanks man! Uploaded the scans (+ some pics of the package) as a separate file, link above.

The bands presented on this tape are mostly within the genres of gothic rock and dark electro and with a few (German) exceptions Finnish. Sound is quite good, I don't know if my dub was made from an original tape, could've been. Probably the largest threshold here to cross for my readers is the genres presented. Well, I guess you know by now if you want to check this out or not. Personally I found some of the artists pretty good and actually have further material in this vein in case you're interested. Maybe I post some later but next one will be metal again, I promise.

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F kirjoitti...

Hey, there are some fine tracks in this one! I dig some Deathrock stuff, so it would be good if you post some obscure tapes. Oh, those Codex Gigas tapes were good as well, great share.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for your comment, I have to say the rest of the tapes from people involved are most in electro genre but I might post them anyways just for the trouble of ripping them.

I'm sure you're familiar with Babylon Whores? I'd be a happy man if I found some live tapes from them.

Codex Gigas is, as I mentioned, great stuff and all thanks need to go to brother The Deceased who requested them and brother SuuretMuinaiset who ripped them for me. I love the first demo myself.

GREV kirjoitti...

Hey Velkaarn.
Thanks for this rip. I have this tape in original format and I scan/foto scans for you when I have some time to found it...

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Oh good, I'll look forward to that! I should probably approach you again soon with more work. ;)

GREV kirjoitti...

Go ahead brother Velkaarn and make my day! ;)

Vomit of the Earth kirjoitti...

Wonderful dedication. You guys make me sad!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...

Getting stuff from brother Grev soon, including the cover for this so I'll update this!

GREV kirjoitti...

Package coming to you at first class