torstai 18. elokuuta 2011

Trolltjern - Hymner fra Trolltjern demo 1995

Trolltjern - Hymner fra Trolltjern demo 1995
2) Sagnet om Trolltjern I - Drømmen
3) Sagnet om Trolltjern II - Vandring
4) Sagnet om Trolltjern III - Fjellet
5) Sagnet om Trolltjern IV - Trolltjern
6) Efterord


Another requested item finally posted, once again courtesy of brother Grev - thank you, this is the Norwegians Trolltjern and their only demo from 1995. Despite what some incompetent inter nets sage claims on their M.A. entry, this most definitely isn't black metal, not even close. This is atmospheric wintry music, dungeon synth, a term coined by comrade Andrew on his blog. Grev had an original tape and has kindly scanned the covers which are included within the download.

As mentioned above, not metal, but atmospheric synth music consisting of an intro- and outroduction as well as the main piece "Sagnet om Trolltjern" divided unto four parts. I decided to split all the parts into separate tracks as you see from the tracklisting right up there at the very beginning of this post, rather than have all as a huge 15+ minutes lump. They did divide easily enough. The tracklisting on the cover is like this:

Sagnet om Trolltjern
- Drømmen
- Vandring
- Fjellet
- Trolltjern


You might notice the Metal Archives poster failed that one too. Enough about that, I just wanted to quickly explain myself there, back to the music itself. So it's mostly keyboards and wind effects and some guitar strumming and whispered + spoken vocals and so on. The atmosphere is somewhere in the company of old Mortiis, Ulver's "Kveldssanger" and Wongraven. This is good stuff, not at all tedious or pretentious. Odd how these narrations come out better almost every time in Norwegian than Finnish or in English. Very good sound quality I think and rip came out just fine so if you're into this kind of music I see no reason to not grab this demo right away.

13 kommenttia:

Andrew kirjoitti...

On first listen I have to say this is very nice.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah it's not half bad though hardly a masterpiece either. A good demo with no follow up as far as we know. Thanks for your comment!

L.V. kirjoitti...

Thank you very much for this upload; I was searching for this since years!

L.V. kirjoitti...

Thank you very much for this; I was searching for years!

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


You're welcome, I know that feeling, there's still a great many things I've been looking for 5-15 years!

As a bonus this is a good demo.

'Owl kirjoitti...

I was about to grab this demo right away but Megaupload says the file isn't there. Thanks anyway for the bunch of downloads I've been getting up to speed with :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


I tried and got the annoying file temporarily not available - message, meaning it should work pretty soon again. Please try later, it is still there!

'Owl kirjoitti...

Now it's gone for real though :)

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Yeah, thanks USA! That was really convenient. Mediafire link provided now.

Tord kirjoitti...

Not that I at all mind that you have uploaded our demo, but it's too bad that people will waste their time on this shit. And on top of everything else that is wrong with it,the mix was done by our synthist by himself and he really fucked it up! Not that the sound is too bad considering the traditional 4 tracker, but still...

I believe the next one would have seen a major improvement, but that we will never know of course.

Tord N.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Glad you don't mind and I think you're a bit too hard on your creation, I really enjoy it! Shame you didn't make another tape.

Ove Sundmoen Aas kirjoitti...

I was the synth player on this demo, and i did not mix the demo by myself, i had some help.
The mix could have been done a lot better i agree. but al in al I'm satisfied with the result. and who knows maybe i write some more Trolltjern in the future.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Nice to see you show up and comment too, thanks for clarifying that! Like said on the post and response to Tord, I think it sounds good and like it in general. There wouldn't be any unreleased material in old tapes somewhere, would there?