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Occult - Livedemo II 1993

Occult - Livedemo II 1993 ("Black Metal Mass II" at the Baroeg, Rotterdam, Holland 27th March 1993)
1) The Return of the Mystic Demon
2) Jaws of Satan
3) Back to the Ancient Days
4) Thou Art Lord
5) Leader in War
6) Darkness Begins
7) Dwell in Forever Darkness
8) The Dark
9) Eternal Torment in the Fires of Hell
10) Jaws Of Satan (Encore)

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Back from a little break I needed to take after Hammer Open Air (which was, as usual, great) I thought I'd celebrate my survival by posting some live stuff here too. So here's long sought item sent to me by a contributor not too long ago, thanks again, the second live demo by the Dutch Occult who evolved from a black metal band to thrash. Or devolved someone might say, heh. Anyways, they were very much black metal up to and including the debut album. This is an official release but a little sloppy recording in that account that two of the tracks are incomplete, the first one is missing about half from its beginning, probably due the guy being late to start recording and track 7 is missing most of it, probably due tape ending and having to be turned around. Such were technical difficulties we had to face back in the day kids! No cover scan, unfortunately, so yet again a little pic from MA.

Quite a good and crisp live sound here, don't have it at hand right now but comparable to their studio demo. Probably a soundboard recording, being official and all. The guitars are a little subdued though and vocals pretty much dominate. But that's ok. Music is simplish and direct, old school style black metal and includes a couple of interesting covers, track 2 (and 10) by Sathanas, track 4 by Acheron and track 8 Samael. A must hear for all into Dutch black metal and an interesting listen to other black metal maniacs. Not much else to add except that I still need the livedemo I!

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Rhûn kirjoitti...

It looks like the blog Raw Grind Chaos Core had a rip of Occult's "Livedemo I" for download, but the link has died. You could contact them for the rip.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


Thanks for the tip, I'll see if I can reach those people!