perjantai 5. heinäkuuta 2013

Leichenhalle - Judenfrei (2000)

Leichenhalle - Judenfrei cassette album 2000
1) Mother Afrika
2) Jerusalem in Flames
3) 1942
4) Different Solution
5) Judenfrei
6) Herr Doktor
7) China Scum
8) Chwala Panu
9) Holy Leader
10) False Prophet

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Another contribution today and one that I've already had for a while. More non-metal darkness sent by brother Wehrwolf, this is the 2000 tape album (I presume it's meant to be a full lenght, at least it lasts almost an hour) from Poland's Leichenhalle, a project by Mikołaj Żentara of Kriegsmaschine and Mgła. Has really nothing to do with black metal though. Limited to 100 copies and released only on tape, this is a mixture of power electronics and death industrial. Ripped by Wehrwolf from his tape and a cover scan is included, thank you again W!

If you're not familar with the genres mentioned above I'll just shortly say that it is dark soundscapes of noise, rumbling oppressive masses of sound. Not chaotic but almost devoid of such easy listening elements as percussion, vocals or samples. Quite atmospheric in its own way. There seems to be a certain leaning to this, judging from the track titles, but like said no marching band antics or speech samples here, so it's not martial or suchlike at all. It might be a bit monotonous but I find myself enjoying the sounds on certain moods, like now for example. Would be interesting to hear the other releases too. Definitely not everyones' canister of gas but feel free to try it if you enjoy death industrial, power electronics or even dark ambient.

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kingpossum kirjoitti...

Excellent. I dig all things drone, and this is a good ambient cloak. I like what Mgla does too so it's great to discover and hear this project.

Thank you Wehrwolf and Velkaarn for the enjoyable detour.

Velkaarn kirjoitti...


And this is not all, I've also another project from this gentleman, also courtesy of Wehrwolf, which I'll post soon! A bit different but in same general direction.

I agree, Mgła is excellent. I'm very annoyed having missed later part of their gig at Black Flames III last year for being so drunk I couldn't stand or stay awake anymore. But the first half or so was great!